bridging international design competition

“BRIDGING” Yongxin Old City Wenxing Bridge International Design Competition

Submission: September 15, 2020
Registration: September 01, 2020
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


“BRIDGING” Yongxin Old City Wenxing Bridge International Design Competition not only aims to connect the physical space on both sides of the river, but also focuses on connecting the old city culture and people’s life, linking the new and old urban areas, and activating the blocks and landscape belts on both sides of the river.

The competition takes “BRIDGE-COMPLEX” as the theme, transcends the conventional “bridge” functions of transportation and tourism, strives for the “bridge” design with a variety of possibilities and implementation. “Building” (refers to Linjiang Building) as an important node will be integrated, linking the life and space of both banks, further would enrich the modern typology content of “bridge”.

“BRIDGING” Yongxin Old City Wenxing Bridge International Design Competition focus on “Bridging”. The theme of competition is BRIDGE-COMPLEX. Careful consideration is needed especially the real site environment near Heshui River, since the main subject Wenxing Bridge will later work as a link, connects the key locations along the river like Linjiang Building and Hunan-Jiangxi Wharf and stitches the banks of Heshui River Blocks and landscape belts when it is implemented. The competition is open to designers and students worldwide and it is aiming to collect original designs under the schemes of “BRIDGE-COMPLEX” with merits like foresight, creativity and implementation.

As an important renewal zone in the “Rediscover Yongxin” Old City Renewal Plan,
Yongxin Old City Wenxing Bridge International Design Competition is jointly sponsored by the Yongxin County People’s Government and CBC (China Building Centre).The competition focuses on promoting the old city’s renewal plan with the mode of “BRIDGE-COMPLEX”, creating a new local “bridge” life of the old city, taking it as the generator of urban spirit and cultural life, cultivating new urban characteristics, and providing rich and vivid new perspectives, new stages and new highlights for the future life of the old city.

Design and Research Scope

Design Contents
Conceptual Scheme Design of Wenxing Bridge and Linjiang Building

Design Scope
1) The site is located at the Hunan-Jiangxi Wharf of the old city on the north bank of Heshui River, across Heshui River, and connects to Style Commercial Street Area on the south bank as well as riverside landscape belts and blocks on both sides. The bridge is about 150 meters long.
2) Bridgehead space at north and south ends.

Research Scope
The spatial relationship among Wenxing Bridge, Linjiang Building, Hunan-Jiangxi Wharf, surrounding important cities and landscape nodes should be researched and expressed in the scheme design.

1) Individual participants and teams are encouraged to register, if architects participate as a group, at least one of the team members should be specialized in architecture or relevant fields, such as planning, landscape, art and intelligent design etc.
2) For registration, please log in the competition website: http://wenxingbridge.chinabuildingcentre.com/en_index.html, click “register/sign-up” to register and fill in the information.