Casablanca Bombing Rooms

Submission: September 30, 2015
Registration:  September 17, 2015
Language: English
Location: Casablanca, Morocco
Prizes: 1st Prize 6,000, 2nd Prize $3,000, 3rd Prize $1,000
Type: Open


HMMD Architecture Competitions are therefore tasking participants with creating ideas for the Casablanca Bombing Rooms whose main function will be as a public library on the site of the 2003 Casablanca bombings

Morocco’s unique location as a connecting point between Europe, the Middle East and Africa means that cultures from around the world constantly co-exist there. Throughout its long history Casablanca has seen its fair share of strife and conflict, with violent acts claiming many lives, regardless of their religion, creed or culture.

Extremist acts are, in a way, a form of ignorance, believing blindly that violent actions will help your cause when in fact they only harm it. In order to battle this ignorance HMMD Architecture Competitions is proposing an ideas competition to transform the site of a previous act of violence into one that educates and works to eliminate ignorance.

The site chosen for this competition is the site of the greatest amount of devastation, the bombing on the Casa de Espana restaurant.

The site is adjacent to a nearby Spanish Chamber of Commerce and a Business Management School; it is a high-profile area with a significant number of local citizens and with tourists visiting daily.

Participants are tasked with creating designs for the Casablanca Bombing Rooms whose main function will be to act as a public library and exhibition space. The purpose of the exhibition space is to show local and international acts of violence and highlight the total absurdity of such actions.

The Casablanca Bombing Rooms should also provide classrooms and conference rooms, providing visitors with access to books, texts and research material. As such the bombing rooms will also need to have computer classroom facilities to further educate those in the area.

Participants are encouraged to be creative with their designs and decide for themselves the overall image the building will have and the statement it will make.

Participants can chose whether the Bombing Rooms are a bold or a subtle statement about the power and importance of knowledge. The Bombing Rooms could reflect the local architectural style, be influenced by it or stand completely separate from it; it’s entirely up to you.


Participants are required to upload four (4) A2 landscape orientated presentation boards (must not exceed 5mb per .jpg/.jpeg file) with sketches, renders, plans, sections, elevations, diagrams and/or other presentation tools to explain their proposal.

No video files are accepted.
All information provided in writing must be in English.

All submissions must be uploaded via hmmd.org upload panel. Access information and instructions on how to upload the presentation panel is issued to participants via email immediately after successful registration.

Presentation boards must not indicate any information related to individual’s/team’s identity.

Participants that not comply with the requirements will be disqualified without a refund.


3 winning proposals and 6 honourable mentions will be selected. HMMD will award a total of
US$ 10,000 in prize money to competition winners as follows:

1st Prize 6,000, 2nd Prize $3,000, 3rd Prize $1,000

The winners will get international art and design media coverage and will be featured on the HMMD website.

A full list of media partners who have committed to present the competition winners in their publications can be found on hmmd.org

HMMD will also acknowledge the outstanding performance of all winners and honourable mentions with Certificates of Achievement.


Competition jury consists of two jury panels:

– Core jury panel
– Consultative jury panel

Full jury panel members list is published on hmmd.org

The core and consultative jury panel will be responsible for setting the criteria that participants need to fulfil based on the site and brief and will evaluate each submission accordingly.

Participants are advised to research both the working site and previous similar case studies, as part of the design process.

“CASABLANCA BOMBING ROOMS” is an ideas competition which encourages participants to experiment with the limits of architecture. The jury may choose to reward projects that show extreme creativity in this area even if they breach any of the rules, so long as it’s justified.

3 evaluation phases:
1 – HMMD Consultative jury panel will produce

a shortlist of 40 from all submitted entries.
2 – HMMD Consultative jury panel will select

9 competition finalists from the shortlist.

3 – Core jury panel will evaluate the 9 finalists and select the top 3 winning projects and the 6 honourable mentions.


Competition is open for all. No professional qualification is required. Design proposals can be developed individually or by teams (4 team members maximum).

Under no circumstances will jury panel members, organisers, nor any persons with whom they have direct personal or professional relationships, be allowed to participate in this competition.


Following information is available for download on hmmd.org :

– Full competition brief
– Site and context photographs – CAD and PDF site plan
– 3D site model

All information can be downloaded as often as required; no additional information or material will be provided after the registration.

The brief and all associated documentation for this competition are for the sole purpose of an academic exercise and are not legitimate documents.

The provided materials can be used or alternatives can be created or sourced at the participants discretion.


Early Bird Registration: US$ 90 Advance Registration: US$ 120 Last Minute Registration: US$ 140

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