Design Skill Awards 2023 | An Inclusive Platform for Global Design Talent

Submission: 31st December 2023 Registration: 29th December 2023 Location: Concept Language: English Prizes: View Website Type: Open

Submission: 31 December 2023
Registration: 29 December 2023
Language: English
Prizes: View Website
Type: Architecture Competition

An Unprecedented Stage for Design Brilliance is Now Open for Entries.

Design Skill Magazine launches the inaugural Design Skill Awards 2023, a groundbreaking platform where design visionaries from around the globe can ascend to international prominence. The awards aim to recognize and elevate the full spectrum of design ingenuity, from well-established firms to emerging individual talents.


A Spectrum of Skills, A Unity of Excellence

As design assumes a critical role in shaping our world and advancing innovation, the Design Skill Awards sets itself apart as the ultimate commendation across diverse creative domains. The initiative is more than a simple celebration of talent; it’s a tribute to design’s profound impact on human life. Structured to be transparent, innovative, and inclusive, the awards welcome a variety of contributions across the full breadth of design disciplines.

How to Participate

Registration for the Design Skill Awards 2023 is now open, with three phases:
Early Bird, Standard, and Late Registration. Each phase has its own fee structure, allowing potential participants multiple entry points. Details can be found on the official website.


Grand Jury Members

– Niko Kapa: Design Director at Studio Niko Kapa, United Arab Emirates

– Chloe Fan: CEO of Design with FRANK, USA

– Paolo Capello: CEO of Paolo Cappello Design Studio, Italy

– Ronn Lee: Creative Director at BEAMY, China

– Roberta Rampazzo: Designer and Founder of Roberta Rampazzo Design, United Kingdom

– Alberto Ribeiro: Architect and Founder of A2OFFICE, Portugal

Judging Criteria

All entries will undergo a meticulous evaluation process by our illustrious Grand Jury. Projects will be evaluated on Innovation & Originality, Design & Aesthetic Look, and Functionality & Spatial Integration.

Architecture, Interior, Landscape, Fashion, Furniture, Lighting, Packaging, Product, Transportation, App, Audio & Video, Branded Content, Event, Marketing, Advertising & PR, Social Media, Typography, Website

Prizes and Benefits

Winners and runners-up will be granted a rich assortment of rewards:

Certificate of Achievement: An electronic accolade to affirm your design proficiency.

Personalized Award Logo: A digital emblem to showcase your win on your website and social media platforms.

Landing Page: A dedicated page on the Design Skill Awards website, focusing on your winning project.

Graphic Banners: A set of promotional banners for website or social media featuring your project.

Social media : Publicizing the winning projects on our Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Partner Publication: Our media partners are happy to publish selected award winners on their websites.

Media Coverage: The award has a media coverage of more than 3 million users.

Award Trophy: You can order a special trophy, on which we will engrave the title of your project, your name and studio.

Key Dates

Early Bird Registration Deadline: 29 September 2023

Standard Registration Deadline: 08 November 2023

Late Registration Deadline: 29 December 2023

Project Submission Deadline: 31 December 2023

Winners Announcement: 31 January 2024





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