DRYPE LOGO Competition

Submission: 14th June 2024 Registration: 14th June 2024 Location: Concept Language: English Prizes: 4.000 € total Type: Open

TerraViva Competitions launches DRYPE LOGO, a new graphic design contest that aims to collect original and innovative proposals capable of revolutionising the brand identity of the Italian start up Drype. Prizes up to 4.000 € will be awarded to the winners selected by a jury panel composed by Thomas Bottalico (Drype), Maria Francesca Di Alessandro (District), Matteo Ottone (Accenture) and Riccardo Breccia (Caffè Design).

Drype is a startup based in Milan, which stands out for producing water-soluble alcoholic cocktails, both natural and sparkling. Its main goal is to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions in the bar industry by eliminating the transportation of unnecessary weights and volumes.
To address this issue and pursue its mission, Drype develops concentrated cocktail blends that are “ready-to-mix” with natural or sparkling water, tonic water, or other beverages. Its main values are: sustainability, innovation, creativity, minimalism.
Constantly seeking to innovate and bring creativity to its own products, Drype has decided to explore novelty in its own brand identity, opening itself to the possibility of changing and improving its own logo! This unique startup is ready to undertake the search for a new distinctive and iconic visual identity, capable of best representing the fundamental values of its original and colourful cocktails.

Prizes & Mentions
• 1st Prize: 2.000€
• 2nd Prize: 1.000€
• 3rd Prize: 500€
• 2 Golden Mentions: 250€ each
• 10 Honourable Mentions: 1 free competition in 2024
• 30 Finalists
• 15% Discount to purchase any Drype product in 2024 exclusively reserved for participants

The challenge of this contest is to fully explore the values that characterise both the brand and its cocktails, with the aim of representing Drype’s identity in the best possible way. Will it be a new font? A completely different palette or perhaps an unreleased graphic symbol? The possibilities are endless.
Choose your own way to convey the strength of these strong ideals, without resorting to banal or literal solutions. Push your limits to achieve a complete renovation of Drype’s image. The intent is to collect original and ground-breaking proposals capable of communicating the startup’s identity in an effective way.
The goal is to achieve a completely new iconic visual identity that not only delivers a strong visual impact but also encapsulates Drype’s values, conveys its commitment to a sustainable future and communicates the passion for mixology. Challenge yourself and impress the jury with new solutions capable of exceeding all expectations!

Requested Material
Competitors have to submit one Pdf Presentation [max. 20 pages] in A4 landscape oriented + a Zip folder containing graphic files + 10 Jpg vertical images extracted from the Presentation + 2 Jpg horizontal images for the Winners Announcement.
• Thomas Bottalico | Drype (Milan, Italy)
• Maria Francesca Di Alessandro | District (Milan, Italy)
• Matteo Ottone | Accenture (Milan, Italy)
• Riccardo Breccia | Caffè Design (Milan, Italy)

• Competition Opening on February 21st
• 35 € “Early” Registration from February 21st to April 19th
• 45 € “Standard” Registration from April 19th to May 24th
• 55 € “Late” Registration from May 24th to June 14th
• Submission Deadline on June 14th (h 3.00 pm CET)
• Results Announcement on July 1st

Download full brief here: https://www.terravivacompetitions.com/drype-logo-competition-2024/

Requirements & Eligibility
The competition is open to designers, architects, students, artists, creatives and anyone interested in the field of graphic design. Participants can join the competition either individually or with a team.

More information at: www.terravivacompetitions.com
Contact: info@terravivacompetitions.com