east park design competition

East Park Cluj-Napoca

Submission: January 29, 2021
Registration: January 29, 2021
Language: English
Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


The Order of Architects in Romania (OAR) and the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca officially announce the launch of the „East Park Cluj-Napoca” International Design Competition. The design competition aims at selecting the best project for The Cluj-Napoca East Park, for the award of the design contract.

The new arrangement will have to ensure the conservation under optimal conditions of the wetland with its specific flora and fauna, developed spontaneously and being an unique biotope in the urban environment of Transylvania. At the same time, the promoter wants to arrange a park that fulfils the usual functions for these kinds of public spaces, and that both socially and functionally reactivates the area through the landscape qualities of the created frames. By being integrated into the system of other urban planted areas, the future East Park will become an important node in the green network of the city and of the East area of the Cluj-Napoca municipality.

The Contracting Authority is the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca, the owner of the land and the beneficiary of the competition results.

The competition is organized by the Order of Architects in Romania, in accordance with the Competition Rules of the International Union of Architects – UIA – and the provisions of the International Regulations for architecture and urban design Competitions, adopted at the General Conference of UNESCO in 1956, as revised on November 27, 1978, the provisions of the Guide of good practice in organizing OAR design competitions, published in 2018, in compliance with the legal provisions in force regarding the award of public procurement contracts.


1st Prize: The design services contract with an estimated value of 6.288.360 RON, exclusive of VAT
2nd Prize: 120.000 RON
3rd Prize: 60.000 RON


Full Members:
1. landscape arch. Catherine Mosbach
2. landscape arch.Peter Veenstra
3. geography dr. Catherine Franceschi-Zaharia
4. arch. Ligia Subțirică – AC representative
5. arch. Șerban Țigănaș – OAR Transylvania representative
6. arch. urb. Toader Popescu
7. arch. Radu Ponta

Deputy Members:
8. Cristian Domșa – biodiversity specialist
9. arch. Tamina Lolev

The Design Competition is a public, single-stage competition, open to Romania, all countries of the European Union, of the European Economic Area, and to the Swiss Confederation.


20/10/2020 – Official launch of the competition (the official launch in SEAP)

29/01/2021, 16:00 Romanian time zone – Deadline for project submission

05/02 – 07/02/2021 – Jury assessment of the projects

08/02/2021 – Official announcement of the winner (press conference with the Jury)

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Date: October 21, 2020