Submission: February 14, 2023
Registration: February 14, 2023
Language: English
Location: Croatia
Prizes: Please see the details below
Type: Open


INSPIRELI offers architecture students from all over the world to participate in a completely unique educational project of a holiday resort in Croatia.

For the first time in our history, we will combine competition and education in a single project that, thanks to an enlightened developer, will not only allow students to be involved in shaping the final design, but most importantly to work with product and technology suppliers from design to implementation.

We hereby invite all students of the world to join us and learn by doing on the INSPIRELI AWARDS platform, which is open to all, regardless of their economic, social, or ethnic background.

A real competition is a part of Inspireli Awards, too. The topic of last year’s humanitarian competition was to help with the Beirut Port renewal and this year it is the Edu-project Croatia / Miris Garden development project competition. Read more about it HERE!

In this education competition, students get a chance to influence the share of a resort with 150 000m2 of built area, receive training at a professional studio under the supervision of the lead architect, and are invited to a vacation at the resort once built. More info at www.inspireli.com/croatia. BEWARE! This competition has shortened duration and the DEADLINE is FEB 14, 2023 already!


  • Martin Dudaško, Chief Architect
  • David Pehal, Developer
  • Gordan Gašič, Developer
  • Pavel Rydzyk, Developer
  • Lubomír Pecl, Developer
  • Željko Predovan , Local architect Croatia
  • Eduard Trembulak, Ian Bryan Architects



One winner will be selected for each category, which will receive:

  • place in the INSPIRELI TEAM CROATIA led by architect Martin Dudaško (Slovakia, Australia), airfare and accommodation in Prague, Czech Republic
  • workshop on 3D visualization of the resort
  • Name as a co-author of the solution placed on the board directly in the resort MIRIS GARDEN.
  • Invitation with your entourage (+1) to the opening ceremony of the MIRIS GARDEN Resort and 10 free days at the VIP resort.


One or more winners.

  • Invitation with your entourage (+1) to the opening ceremony of the MIRIS GARDEN Resort and 10 free days at the resort.

>> Go to the competition’s website <<<

Date: January 30, 2023