Hornachuelos Downtown Reactivation

Submission: November 02, 2016
Registration: November 02, 2016
Language: English
Location: Hornachuelos, Spain
Prizes: 1st place: 3,000€, 2nd place: 1,000€, 3rd place: 500€
Type: Open


The reTH!NKING competitions team is delighted to introduce the new competition HORNACHUELOS DOWNTOWN REACTIVATION, a competition that expects to rethink how to take part and enhance the historical centers for the development of a new habitability in the present. What does Hornachuelo have so reTHINKING competition decides to create a competition series there? The answer is simple: a unique space, an amazing location and an unvaluable heritage, natural and cultural. The perfect place to walk, watch and enjoy.

The interest of the Hornachuelos City Hall for the recovery of their cultural wealth has made of this dream a reality. reTH!NKING is composed of people like you, people who, while they are walking through a city or natural sites, are dreaming of projects, resorations, moving and spectacular ideas at the same time. Therefore, reTH!NKING has gone a step further. This time is not just an ideas competition, it is intended to become real. This competition will serve as a basis for further actions agreed with the City Hall. A “2nd phase” competition where the projects that the jury considers will participate.
The competition seeks to revive the Hornachuelos city center, enhancing its heritage and cultural values. For this purpose, different ways of intervention may be used to emphasize the following aspects:

– Reactivation of historical buildings, with alternative uses and rehabilitation. Especially the most deteriorated: the Castle and the inn.

– Projecting routes that generate cultural spaces, rest and connection with the natural environment. Resting places, shade, interaction, its vegetation, its smells and its climate must be thought … giving value to the atmosphere of Hornachuelos.

– Perception of the historic center as a unitary space, not as segregated elements with buildings and environments worthless together, but as a city with a distinct cultural identity.

The research which contestants can develop in reference to issues such as customs, history or culture will help the participant to have a greater awareness of the keys to be improve.


From the Muslim era to the twentieth century, buildings exist in this physical space of great value, three of them BIC: Castle and walled town, the Church of Santa Maria de las Flores and La Posada de Arrieros. These buildings that have to be restored and protected together with other public and private buildings and dwellings are part of the history of the old town.

This reactivation will be linked to rethinking what activities can complemented for existing buildings for their put into use.


All students and architects or related professions anywhere in the world can participate in the contest. Participation can be individual or in groups, being eight (8) the maximum number of members. Team members can be from all disciplines (artists, philosophers, photographers, etc.), without being necessary, although advisable, the presence of an architect or architecture student. It is allowed that members are from different universities and countries.
The price of registration is the price that each participating team much pay, regardless of the number of members.
In case that one team or participant wants to submit more than one proposal for the same competition must register twice (or as many as want to present projects) paying the appropriate fee each time.
Under no circumstances should the participation of any juror, or anyone organizing professional agency relationship with any of the above will be accepted.


Participants must submit a single A1 (59.4 x 84.1 cm) horizontal or vertical, where the registration code (order number, #0000 or #00000) obtained at the time of registration must appear. Remember checking the spam inbox. You must also choose a Slogan or title for your project. This CODE must be placed in the panel in the upper right corner. together with a SLOGAN which can be placed anywhere. Panels delivered without the code and slogan can be excluded from the competition. The file must be a JPEG, and it must be less than 8 mb. When payment confirmation email is sent to the person registered a document with instructions and forms for the team are included. Always check the spam box.
The documentation included in the panels will be the necessary to understand the project, each participant can choose: graphic representations, model pictures, perspectives, sketches, renderings, texts, etc.
We will also ask the team to submit a .doc document with a summary of the project in 90 words and a representative picture of it. This will be used for a future publication.
The jury will evaluate the quality of architectural design and its clear presentation and general composition.
Shall not be required, although it will be appreciated, to solve the project construction or structural systems.
The project must be understood mainly through the artwork. In the
sheet may be included text, although the presence of a large amount is not recommended.
A prize will be awarded in the 1st phase of a total of 4,500 € distributed as follows:
  • First prize 3.000 €
  • Second prize 1.000 €
  • Third prize 500 €
The projects may be selected for a second phase of the special plan, according to its viability. The prize in this 2nd phase will be the fees to the completion of the works.
• Magazine publications
• Blogs/architecture webs publications
• reTHINKING official publiction
+ 10 Honorable Mention

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