How not to win architectural competition

How NOT to win an architectural competition

Submission: September 18, 2017
Registration: September 18, 2017
Language: English and Spanish
Location: Novi Sad, Serbia
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Architecture competition


The online platform formed prior to the exhibition will enable an even wider recognition of the submitted work, and offer the possibility of networking and sharing valuable experiences. Along with this the best entries will be promoted online through various platforms, including Association of Novi Sad Architects, The Spatial Culture Festival, and University of Novi Sad. The applicants will be in the running for three awards.

One of the prizes will be awarded by the jury prior to the exhibition. The winner will be announced and marked at the beginning of the exhibition. The last day of the exhibition, the work deemed as best by the visitors will also be announced, as well as the best work chosen by votes on the online platform. Chosen instructions will be awarded with the complete printed publication of Instructions On How Not To Win An Architectural Competition for the year 2017.


INSTRUCTIONS: A short list of instructions on A4 size paper in .doc format, font Arial 11, spacing 1.5, between 1 and 10 instructions. The instructions must reffer to any and all advices you have to give on how not to win an architectural competition. They might range from a single word sentence to a full paragraph, as long as the full text does not exceed one A4 page. The text must be in English. Please do not use any special text formatting.

ARTWORK: 1 image ( A4 size, vertical format at 300 dpi in .jpg format) to be paired with your instructions. The image can be a painting, photo, collage, map, plan, section, elevation, picture, diagram, 3d representation or any other graphic format that is related to your experience on a specific architectural competition and represents it in the clearset possible way.

TEAM INFO: Individual or Team participation data on A4 page in .doc format. This must include the names of all participants with their profession and email along with the name of the competition the instructions refer to.

SUBMITTING FILES TO EPHEMERA COLLECTIVE: Files must be e-mailed to Ephemera Colective using a url supplied by WeTransfer. In order to create a wetransfer file link, go to wetransfer.com, click on the small icon at the bottom left corner to select LINK and then upload your files. WeTransfer will then give you a unique url. Copy the url, and e-mail it to: ephemeracollective@gmail.com

Registration: If you are entering How NOT to win an architectural competition outside of Serbia you can make your payment via PayPal using the e-mail: ephemeracollective@gmail.com

Registration fee is 15 €.
Registrations and submissions are opened until September 18th.

Prizes: The submissions that comply with the rules of the competition will be exhibited during the The Spatial Culture Festival, in Novi Sad, Serbia at the end of September 2017. This exhibition will be an integral part of the Festival, whose general goal is to reinforce thinking about space on all levels – paper architecture being an important factor in developing new spatial concepts. Furthermore, the submissions will appear in the printed as well as online publication of the Instructions On How Not To Win An Architectural Competition for the year 2017.

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