International, multidisciplinary ideas competition for land use planning

Submission: 29th February 2024 Registration: 11th January 2024 Location: Québec City Language: English / French Prizes: View Website Type: Open

The Quebec Government is organizing an international ideas competition with the aim of imagining the fullest potential of _Littoral Est_: Reclaiming and Enhancing the St. Lawrence River Shoreline in Québec City – Phase 4 project, which extends over 8 km between the D’Estimauville area and Parc de la Chute-Montmorency.

The ultimate goal is to uncover the development potential of the target area, generate exciting ideas and concepts, and influence the strategies and decisions of the stakeholders who will bring those ideas and concepts to life. The competition will also shed light on current issues and speculate on future ones, with four main focus areas:

* Enhancing the shoreline and making it more accessible,
* Connecting the surrounding neighbourhoods to the river,
* Assessing the current layout of the road infrastructure,
* Preserving and enhancing natural spaces.

This open, single-step competition is both multidisciplinary and international. It is aimed at landscape architects, urban designers, architects, urban planners, and other environmental design professionals capable of proposing ambitious yet realistic ideas that can help transform and preserve the area as well as reclaim the shoreline and its natural and built surroundings.


Any multidisciplinary team that includes at least one representative
from each of the three following disciplines (or a similar discipline) is eligible to participate as a competitor:

–        Urban planning and design
–        Landscape architecture or architecture
–        Environment or sustainable development

A team may choose to add other professionals or specialists to enhance its proposal with regard to the issues, objectives, and challenges of the competition.


* Opening of the competition and registrations: November 16, 2023
* Registration deadline: January 11, 2024
* Submission of proposals deadline : February 29, 2024
* Analysis of applications and jury deliberations: March 2024
* Announcement of the winners of the competition: April 2024

Prizes awarded

A total of CA$200,000 will be divided among three winners, at the
jury’s discretion, as prizes. Each winner will receive a minimum of
CA$40,000, with the final allocation decided by the jury based on the
relative merits of the winning proposals.