Landmark Architecture International Design Competition

Submission: October 31, 2016
Registration: October 15, 2016
Language: English, Chinese
Location: Singapore
Prizes: Details below 
Type: Open


Country Garden﹒Forest City is targeted to be the role model of future city at the communication center of Chinese “Belt One Road” initiative and a hub of eight industries as education and training, recreational tourism, healthcare, conference, station of foreign companies, e-commerce, emerging science and technology, off-shore financial business, thus transforming it to be a world-class smart city of technology ventures for hundreds of thousands of people. Up to now, Forest City has attracted and signed MOU with Chinese HUAWEI, Malaysian CELCOM and other outstanding enterprises in developing a sustainable smart city with urbanized information management.


This competition is an act strategized to guide the future of forest city, improve the efficiency of land use and enhance the quality of space and environment. It aims to accomplish the following three objectives.

To implement the concept of three-dimensional transportation, emphasize the connection of transit center and rail transit, and realize the mode of TOD.

To give the full play to the role of internationally first-class planning directing the construction of public spaces.

To set the landmark building as an example in the construction of an ecological city.


Four plots to be designed in this completion shall be planned to be a building complex with rooftop pools and incorporated with extremely iconic, creative, unique, ecological, coastal, concise idea and co-existent in good harmony with peripheral buildings and landforms.

Iconic: the idea shall be architecturally creative, ecological, energy-saving, smart, innovative and advanced.

Creative: the design should be prospective and innovative in providing solutions to the dynamic integration of transportation, commercials, residential, office buildings, and hotels, especially the study on the overall traffic system such as connection of rail transit with transportation center, light rail station with commercial podiums, and accessibility of beach with buildings.

Meaningful: the architectural concept should represent the local culture, green ecology and layered city.

Economical: the new technology, equipment and materials to be used should be applicable, economical and reasonable.


  • 2016.10.15 Deadline of registration for Country Garden﹒Forest City Landmark Architecture International Design Competition.
  • 2016.10.31 Deadline of design submittals for Country Garden﹒Forest City Landmark Architecture International Design Competition.
  • 2016.11.20 Expert Review Meeting in Shanghai for all deliverables of Country Garden﹒Forest City Landmark Architecture International Design Competition.
  • 2016.11.21 Jury Meeting and Design Forum of Country Garden﹒Forest City Landmark Architecture International Design Competition in Shanghai.
  • 2017.01 Awarding Ceremony of Country Garden﹒Forest City Landmark Architecture International Design Competition.(Place to be determined).

Note: The competition schedule developed by organizer will be in Beijing time.


Winners will have the opportunity to establish strategic partnership with Forest City project in ways of participating follow-up design works; the winners of students get the opportunity to practice in the Country Garden or get the opportunity to work in Forest City.

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