moonception 2019

Moonception 2019

Submission: May 30, 2019
Registration: May 20, 2019
Language: English
Location: Mars
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


We invite visionaries from all profes-sions, Architects, Designers, Engineers, and Space Enthusiasts to envision and design this near yet unseen future. The participants are to design a Lunar Experience Centre + Research Centre for the first humans 10 tourists and 5 researchers to enhance their stay on The Experience Centre will help the Space Enthusiasts visiting the lunar sur-face for the first time to understand it and draw inspiration from the surroundings.

The Research Centre would assist the Researchers in comprehending the environment on the Moon and its suit-ability in sustenance of human life. The participants have to design a self-sustaining living space for these initial inhabitants.

The spaces for the program include Living Areas l Sleeping Areas l Cooking Area l Research Areas l Interaction Spaces l Areas for Sanitation and Bath l Recreation Areas l Controlled Areas for Farming l AV Room l Exhibition Area l Stores for resources I Observatory I Medical center l Control and Surveil-lance Area l Rover Parking and Any other spaces that the participant wishes to specify with respect to both.

The designed spaces exude comfort for the visitors and the researchers. It should provide for a variety of spaces that boast of ample natural light, inno-vative materials and their positive effect Are you ready to design beyond the boundaries of Earth ? The moon awaits it’s own Architect ! Maintenance Area l categories of users on human psychology.


English is to be used as the language of communication for all drawings.The deadline for submissions is 11:59 PM IST 30th May 2019. Submissions after this deadline will not be considered. The identity of the participants needs to be anonymous. The registration number is the only form of identification for the entries.The registration fee is non-refundable.

The participants should not contact the jury under any circumstances. All participants must accept the rules and regulations of the competition. The participants may face disqualification if any of the rules are not followed. Volume Zero reserves the right to modify the schedule of the competition.

We invite everyone, irrespective of their professions or qualifications, to join the competition and present their ideas. Participants are free to submit multiple entries but each entry needs to be registered separately. Alongside individual entries, team entries are also allowed. A team can have a maximum of three participants. Interdisciplinary teams are also welcome to join.

 After your registration has been approved, you will be sent a unique identi-fication number for your team / individual entry which will be necessary to submit your proposal. If you haven’t received a confirmation within two business days, please contact us at questions@volzero.com or our Face-book profile.