2A Continental Architecture Award

Open Call – 2A Continental Architectural Awards 2020

Submission: September 25, 2020
Registration: September 25, 2020
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


The 2A Continental Architectural Awards (2ACAA) has been primarily structured and designed to acknowledge and recognize the noteworthy contributions of individuals and organizations in the field of Architecture worldwide. Organised by 2A magazine under the guidance of Mr. Ahmad Zohadi as director of the Awards. These prestigious series of awards are an excellent and inimitable opportunity for professionals of the architect world across the globe to enhance their knowledge and vision in the field of architectural and indulge in intriguing exchange and discussion of ideas inspired by a plethora of cultures, traditions, themes, inventions, and experiences. It is the perfect platform to explore and discuss new trends, techniques, and technological advancements in the architecture world.

Given the Covid-19 situation worldwide, the Organising Committee have decided to take 2ACAA from the ground to the cloud. 2ACAA 2020 shall be once again conducted on a grand scale but virtually. It has been designed to be one of a kind virtual event in the history of Architecture. 2ACAA has always been about research and innovation. This innovative step of making 2ACAA a successful virtual ceremony is an attempt to respond responsibly to the global impact of Covid-19. It is a progressive step towards developing and implementing the right technological capabilities to maintain high-quality connections between professionals of the architecture world while keeping them safe.

The theme of 2ACAA 2020 is “Innovative Architecture in the Continents.”  You can submit your entries for 2ACAA 2020 between 25th July 2020 and 25th September 2020. Architecture professionals and organizations across the globe can submit their completed buildings and future projects across multiple categories.  The online judgment shall be undertaken between 10th October 2020 and 25th October. The winners shall be announced on 10th November 2020. 2ACAA 2020 is a one-stage entry/ two-stage judging award. The first stage shortlisting will be done by Jury board and declared as Candidate’s Project.

In the second stage Jury will decide final winners for each category.

One can make your entries under the following categories.

  • Commercial (Retail & Wholesale, Office & Business, Production)
  • Public (Sport & Leisure, Education, Health, Mixed-use, Hospitability)
  • Residential
  • Rural Projects, Public Spaces (including squares and streets) and Landscapes, Urban Projects
  • Old and New (Regeneration, Restoration, Renovation, Reuse, and Adaptation)
  • Religion, Civic Transportation, and Community Based Projects
  • Interior Architecture
  • Future Projects/Innovative Designs

Following is the fee structure for submitting entries for 2ACAA 2020. The fee is discounted so that a single participant can submit more and more projects.

  • 1 project : € 95
  • 2 projects : €159
  • 3 projects : €235

Below is the list of the prestigious Jury Members for 2ACAA 2020.

  • Donald L. Bates
  • Bahram Shirdel
  • Asako Yamamoto
  • Silja Tillner
  • Antonia Guiraud

2ACAA stands for the very purpose of acting as a channel between various architectural schools of thought. It stands to evolve the architectural space through profound and futuristic ideas and innovative use of technological advancements. Despite the Covid-19 situation worldwide, it still strives to do the same this year. It seeks to bring about positive changes in the world of architecture, even amidst the Covid-19 adversity.

2ACAA 2020 aims to cover a broader landscape in terms of participation and is significantly expanding its belt. Anyone from the architecture field residing practically anywhere in the world can leverage this golden opportunity.

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Date: July 31, 2020