Point in Architecture

Point in Architecture

Submission: July 21, 2021
Registration: July 20, 2021
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Archiol competition invites all the architecture students, young professionals and architecture enthusiasts to develop and submit interesting perspectives highlighting the ‘point’ [primary element] in architecture design. This competition is part of a competition series that aims at reconnecting with the roots of architecture to build a strong design base.


⦁ Point in architecture is an architecture competition organized by archiol in association with artuminate.
⦁ Primary elements in architecture are the basics of architecture design.
⦁ This competition aims at exploring point as an architectural element through the ‘PERSPECTIVES’ in architecture.
⦁ The competition, Point in Architecture, is looking for ‘PERSPECTIVES’ submissions that highlights point in architecture.

Submission requirements:

⦁ One image highlighting the Point (element) in architecture.
⦁ A description of not more than 300 words.


In the designing field recognition is everything. Archiol is providing a platform to showcase your creativity at a global level. The opportunity is open to all students and professionals. Take this challenge and explore your creativity, let the world witness your ideas.

Top 3 winners
⦁ Certificate of achievement
⦁ Publication
Honourable Mention
⦁ Certificate of achievement
⦁ Publication
Top 10 Winners
⦁ Publication
⦁ E-certificate
All participants will receive participation e-certificates


⦁ Competition is open to all human beings, from every age and cultural background, working in groups or individually.
⦁ Architects, Interior Designer and design students are perfectly suited for this competition.

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