haifa award for architecture design

Re-construction of Beirut port

Submission: April 10, 2021
Registration: February 20, 2021
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Haifa Award is an international award program established by iDAR-Jerusalem association in 2020. It aims to identify, reward, and celebrate innovative and outstanding design ideas for architecture and urbanism, particularly, concepts or projects that successfully stimulate greater public awareness of the role of architecture in reviving cities.

The “Phoenix” prize

The “Phoenix” prize is the first award established as a part of Haifa Award’s international program. The “Phoenix” prize aims to deconstruct tectonics and spaces of “Risk”, and turning them into spaces of ‘Trust”, and to challenge spatial boundaries and the complacency associated with its barriers.

 On the 4th of August, a tragedy struck Beirut, a horrible blast, reduced the once vibrant seaport to dust and debris, leaving destruction, deceases, injured and effected lives. Back to pre-colonial history, Beirut and Haifa were both open gates between the western and eastern sides of the world. Beirut’s influence on Galilee is very tangible.Following this worldview and the long history that Beirut and Haifa share in common, we at iDAR-Jerusalem, announce a call for the “Phoenix” prize, aiming to highlight innovative design as the ideal intervention for the success of the reconstruction of Beirut port.


The Phoenix Prize seeks for architectural excellence, and to evoke innovative minds, worldwide, to rebuild the Port of Beirut and bring it back to the people, revamped, and recaptured. It aims at creating of innovative and groundbreaking ideas that redefine the magnetic aura of the city, and evolving it from spaces of “Sallowness and Risk” to spaces of “Trust”.

The hope is to dawn a new era for the Lebanese society. An era to be spurred by a reconstruction of that which is struck by tragedy and bringing it to become a beacon, setting the stage for others to follow. The task for the participants is to interpret the aims of the competition in the most creative way, to utilise their creative talents to invent new ways by which they reconstruct the current relations between the different spatial tectonics and players of Lebanese society.

The respective visions should revision the prospect of a new gateway for Lebanon, operating and serving an interconnection of trust and transparency within a complex that may combine governmental, industrial, economical and residential buildings. The end objective being is the design of the port zone that will exude originality and innovation. A legend says that Beirut was rebuilt from the ashes seven times. That is “Phoenix.”


Each Participant may submit one entry only.

•Individual applicants or team lead need to be registered or licensed architects in their countries. They have to hold a professionally accredited architecture degree. •The Phoenix Prize is available to individual entrants and teams or firms, as long as all of them meet the eligibility conditions. •Current staff of iDAR-Jerusalem association and the award partners staff are not eligible


Competition Launch: 01 Nov 2020

Deadline for early bird registration: 30 Dec 2020

Deadline for late registration: 20 Feb 2021

Deadline for entries: 10 April 2021

Announcement of competition results: 07 May 2021

Summary of submission requirements: Two (2) A0 landscape-orientated presentation plates (min 300 dpi)

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