Submission: June 15, 2022
Registration: May 15, 2022
Language: English
Location: Global
Prizes: Please see the details below
Type: Open


Regeneration is the process of replacing or restoring damaged or missing components in a system i.e. spiritual renewal or revival; which can be seen in nature inspiring contemporary artists, architects in their works. For example, the Millennium Dome and the 2012 Olympic Park were developed to stimulate growth and bring back into use vacant, brownfield, and contaminated sites that were seen as holding back the development of their surrounding areas. Such projects contributed in particular to the radical reshaping of East London‘s physical landscape.

We often see an abandoned historic building, an abandoned bridge, an abandoned railway, an abandoned industry existing as lonely reminders of an era that has passed, never to return. These functionless voids are empty shells inappropriately occupied as godowns, press, shops, visited by tourists who don’t quite know how to occupy them. They are lost in space and lost in time. Is there any better solution to conserving these sites than by “freezing” them in time as lonely reminders of an era? This competition encourages designers to review and redesign these promising abandoned sites through a regenerative lens. The proposed design should consider the speed of changes and development that influence that particular site. The scale of intervention, programs, and site is up to participants.

Judging Criteria

Uniqueness & Innovativeness in Idea
Creative approach
Coherence with context and history
Transformative quality of designed space
Presentation and Clarity


Jury Awards

Winner: 50,000 BDT
1st Runner UP: 25,000 BDT
2nd Runner UP: 15,000 BDT
Gold Mention: Certificate, Publication
Honorable Mention: Certificate, Publication

People’s Choice Award

Winner: 10,000 BDT


Early Bird Registration: March 01, 2022
Standard Registration: April 01, 2022
Last Minute Registration: May 15, 2022
Submission Ends: June 15, 2022
Result Publication: August 2022


This competition is open for both students and professionals.
Individual or Team (Maximum 03 participants) Registration.
A participant can submit multiple entries but each submission must be registered separately.
Students and professionals from any disciplines are eligible to participate. Multidisciplinary teams are encouraged.

Registration Fee

BDT amount is applicable for Bangladeshi Participants. USD amount is applicable for participants outside Bangladesh.

Campus Registration (Until 01 April, 2022): 1,500 BDT | 20 USD
Early Bird Registration: 2,000 BDT | 25 USD
Standard Registration: 2,500 BDT | 35 USD
Last Minute Registration: 3,000 BDT | 50 USD

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