Results: Data Landscape by YAC

The call for ideas DATA LANDSCAPE  was launched on November 2022 by  Manni Group  and  YAC – Young Architects Competitions – to  imagine a new generation of datacenters which fit in the landscape to generate magnificent and iconic architectures.

An outstanding jury panel including Patrick Lüth (Snøhetta), Wahlström Walter Mats (Ateljé Ö), Fedele Canosa (Mecanoo Architecten), Jelena Vicic (BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group), among the others, evaluated the project proposals selecting those better responding to the competition’s brief. The winning projects have been awarded with a total cash prize of  € 20,000 distributed to the first seven teams ranking.




Guisong Zhang, Dian Luo, Xiang Liuand

In particular, the German team Atelier LXL+ZHGS ranked first and was rewarded with € 10,000. The project was made by Guisong Zhang, Dian Luo, Xiang Liuand focused on the building of a data centre, offices and residence to regenerate an abandoned facility.
Located in three different strategic locations to preserve security and promote a good view of the landscape, these three new volumes are enclosed by each other to form a new central activity space, which also corresponds to the original architectural logic. The original roof of the fort was removed to form an open inner courtyard, and different types of stairs and ramps form the entrance space of the building.


Nguyen Quy Phu featuring Quy Phu Nguyen

The second prize of € 4,000 was awarded to the Vietnamete team Nguyen Quy Phu featuring Quy Phu Nguyen, promoting architecture that blends into the existing landscape. Recycled bunkers and simple rectangular floorplans embrace existing routes improved for better accessibility. The northern structure, closest to the entrance, will be the welcoming centre for the whole complex. While, the most breathtaking space are for community public programs, generously hosting from workshops, exhibitions, to larger ceremonies, weddings, and so on. This team was also rewarded with the Godl Mention Manni Sipre Green Tech set by Manni Group for additional € 1,000.


Sandra Draganic, Milsa Nikolovski, Luka Grgic

The team MLADE ranked third and won a cash prize of € 2,000 with a project proposal submitted by Sandra Draganic, Milsa Nikolovski, Luka Grgic – with their concept, they link contemporary and traditional values: on the one hand we find the data centre and on the other the open mountain fields. The chosen predominant architectural form is that of the torus lying in-between hills, plateau, and the abyss, circumscribing the described shifts in the landscape and orchestrating the movement and program of the new hub, at the same time aesthetically representing the predominant quality of the new landmark.



Myong Kun Oh and Ji Soo Kim

The remaining three Gold Mentions rewarded with € 1,000 each follow in the ranking: the Korean team mk_js featuring Myong Kun Oh and Ji Soo Kim was rewarded with the Gold Mention Isopan Ventilated Façade. They focused their attention on energies such as air that is circulated throughout the building using an air conditioning system to create a greenhouse environment for plant growth and water used in the spa program serves as a medium for immediate cooling, requiring less energy than traditional cooling methods. They created two bunker and the upper part maintains the existing landscape features while forming indoor spaces to increase functionality and symbolic significance. The structural system, that enables this space is derived from the historical post-and-lintel system and has evolved into a functional steel frame structure system, providing a space that is consistent with the functional principles of the post-and-lintel structure.


Zeng Nanlan and Jiayu Fan

The team Clelo from China featuring  Zeng Nanlan and Jiayu Fan received the Gold Mention Isopan Flat Roof and diverged from the past: the bunkers, once-symbolic of military conflict buildings, have now been brought to peace by nature’s calm. In response to these memories, they form a triangle where the once-closed bunkers are now open boxes, each with a specific function. The distinctive fields contained by the buildings can be utilized for exhibitions, community functions, education and training in data technology, remain fluid, open, and flexible, and they collectively form a whole ecosystem. The new structure is built with prefabricated dry steel structures, with minimal disruption to the site and the existing structures. Its flooring is made of stone slabs from the nearby Lessinia quarries, and its flat roof is covered with solar panels that can generate electricity and save energy.


Chang Min Lee, Yong Gyun Lee, Jiho Kim

The Gold Mention BASF was allocated to the team HNL_KNU from Korea featuring Chang Min Lee, Yong Gyun Lee, Jiho Kim; their proposal is architectural form having symbolic shape connected to medieval times when a unique local space to receive a god in the the Times of Divine Centralism was created. Therefore, they chose a symbolic shape of cross consist of dynamic territory crossing horizontal and vertical line and Data Marker that produce contact points between multi coordinates (climate, landscape pre-historic time, Romans relics, War system and these contact points give unique experience inter-permeating time and memory to officer and visitors in the use of dynamic moving system of them.


Follow in the ranking 10 Honorable and 30 Finalist Mentions, published on YAC’s website: https://www.youngarchitectscompetitions.com/past-competitions/data-landscape


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Date: June 22, 2023