Saint-Gobain Grants 2023-24

Submission: 15th January 2024 Registration: 15th January 2024 Location: Concept Language: English Prizes: up to Rs.1,00,000/ Type: Open

Do you possess a visionary spark to revolutionise our world? Do your imaginative concepts address the pressing needs of society? The clarion call for a more discerning fusion of art and science in the realm of construction

reverberates with urgency and we are here to fund your ideas. From the selection of a design intervention to its life cycle and research/commentary on the same, let us design with the power to inspire not only the present but the generations yet to come. Forge pathways that lead towards inclusivity, accessibility, and sustainability on a grand scale.


If you seek the catalyst to support your research, prototype development, or the nurturing of your visionary concepts, look no further. The Saint-Gobain Grants Program awaits your application, and with it, the role you were destined to play in the dramatic tapestry of responsible art and science. Submit your application and claim your place as a harbinger of transformation.

Goals of the Grants Program:

The Pillars of  Saint- Gobain Grants Program


To be eligible for the grant, your proposals must be a part of at least one of these pillars.  You have to mention in your outline which of these pillars/(s) you will be focusing on.

  1. Sustainability Pillar: Projects that champion sustainability and eco-friendliness; Innovations, research, and designs that are environmentally conscious.
  2. Social Responsibility Pillar: Initiatives in architecture, construction, and design that prioritise social responsibility; Community-based projects addressing issues directly impacting communities.
  3. Socio-Cultural Realm Pillar: Projects addressing contemporary socio-cultural concerns; Real-time interventions with a socio-cultural impact; Heritage preservation and awareness initiatives; Documentation and conservation endeavours also considered.
  4. Digital Technology Innovation Pillar: Innovative digital concepts and initiatives related to architecture, construction, and design, are poised to revolutionise the way we work.
  5. New Products, Materials, and Building Technology Pillar:  Innovations in the form of new products, materials, and building technologies, specifically within the realm of architecture, construction, and design.



How to Participate:

Step 1: Register on : https://ethosempowers.com/arcause/sggrants2023
Step 2: Fill the form here.
Step 3: Upload a PDF of not more than 4 A4s with the following information included (before 15th of January 2024) :

  • A clearly stated idea and aim
  • A well-fleshed-out process
  • A crisp timeline: details out the phases of your project and time required for each
  • Efficient and appropriate budget stating the use of the grant money: phase-wise financial breakdown and an estimate.

The Jury’s Decision will be final & binding.


Important Dates:

  • Registrations open: 1st November 2023
  • Last Date of Submission: 15th January 2024




  • Saint-Gobain is delighted to present six distinct grants of up to Rs.1,00,000/- each to students and professionals in Architecture and Design who are passionate, eager and ready to make a difference with their inspiring and revolutionary proposals.
  • Resources are provided for the development and implementation of a project that may take the form of a publication, exhibition, documentation, prototype, an actual on-site initiative, a campaign or symposium.
  • The grantees will be awarded the sanctioned grant amount and also will be felicitated with an award of recognition.



  • Students of architecture or young architects under the age of 35 years.
  • Students of interior design and interior designers under the age of 35 years- both from courses of a minimum of 3 years duration.
  • All Transparence participants: current or past, irrespective of age and year of graduation.
  • Past winners and applicants of Saint-Gobain Scholarships may re-apply with new ideas.
  • Individual application or in teams of a maximum of two members (Please note Saint-Gobain will be able to sponsor only one person’s travel for the interview round if shortlisted).