snow art pavillion

Snow Art Pavilion: Ideas World Architecture Competition

Submission: October 22, 2021
Registration: October 9, 2021
Language: Spanish
Location: Julier Pass, Graubünden, Switzerland
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Ideas World Architecture Competition


The SNOW ART PAVILION, will be an architectural element of contemplation that can be visited by visitors throughout the year and can contain spaces for temporary exhibitions (summer) such as art fairs. Your very presence will become a milestone on the road. The pavilion will have a coffe shop and a viewpoint.

An Art Pavilion will be conceptualized as a cultural and artistic space in the middle of the snowy landscape of the Swiss Alps, next to the Julien Pass mountain pass at 2,300m above sea level.

It will function as an obligatory stop for the rest and contemplation of the visitors who travel the natural landscape by car. Its strategic location will serve as a connection between the Hospice and the Julien Theater located in the area.

It should be designed as a construction that can withstand the incidents of time and easy maintenance. At all times the natural landscape must be prioritized. All architectural elements must be framed in a sustainable environment.


The contest is aimed at all qualified architects and architecture students of the world, as long as Spanish is maintained as the official language. In the case of constituting professional or student teams, a member of the latter must be designated as the only representative and valid interlocutor before the organizers of the contest in the event that a prize is obtained. Said representative will be the one who receives the corresponding prize, and it will not be the responsibility of the organizers how it is distributed within each team.

The designation of the representative of the work team must be accredited by simple power, and may be an architect or architecture student. At no time should be more than 5 members per team.


1st Place  US $ 2,500
+  Exhibition and diffusion in the main architecture sites worldwide.
+  Virtual booklet of the best proposals.

3 Honorable Mentions
+  Exhibition and diffusion in the main architecture sites worldwide.
+  Virtual booklet of the best proposals.

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