Storm House

Submission: October 05, 2022
Registration: October 01, 2022
Language: English
Location: Global
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Storm is a natural phenomenon that means blowing of rough and strong winds. It is a word associated with the weather sometimes accompanied by rain, lightning, or snow.  Figuratively, things which are very furious or violently disturbing is often likened to a storm. Storm is a concrete phenomenon, but at the same time it is an abstract concept that indicates fluctuations in society and sense of values or turning points.

It also could be reflecting the changes we are facing today in our lives and generation.  On the other hand, it may be good to give it a thought closer to one’s own sense. Facing the overwhelming power of nature by the stormy winds and rain, one may sometimes hold an elated or refreshed feeling. Being excited like a child, get soaking wet or imagining the scenery which spreads after the storm. “STORM” can contain various nuances in the spoken context. Frameworks of a “HOUSE” can also be widely captured.  How to interpret the “STORM HOUSE” is up to each person.  Think out of the box.

In the world of Japanese language, storm has virous nuances.  First, it means the rage of nature. Then, it can also mean a revolutionary presence in society or a creative existence that reverses the sense of value in things. In other words, “Storm House” can be taken as a “House in the Storm” or architecture itself can be stated as a storm.  A house coexisting with nature, an architecture that transforms human society. Anticipated to seeing the creations of various storms. ― Ryue Nishizawa

It is an open subject with various interpretations. Furthermore, there is a storm involved. Storm comes suddenly. Storm will change a familiar view to something different. Storm will turn the daily values upside down. Storm can reveal possibilities that are impossible in times of peace. The first life must have been born in such a storm. ― Akihisa Hirata

In addition to the various changes like disasters, infectious diseases, and energy, the crisis of war is foregrounding. The established way of thinking is re-questioned every day in this era but, in all age’s do hope that architecture will always be an opportunity to find hope. Shaking the sense of values in people’s lives, chain reactions of influence that can change the society, think of a house that can shake the general idea of “Architecture” itself. ― Tatsuya Hatori


1st PRIZE – 1,000,000 yen
2nd PRIZE – 500,000 yen
3rd PRIZE – 300,000 yen
Merit PRIZE x8 – 100,000 yen each

Total prizes amount : 2,600,000 yen.


Japan Time

April 01, 2022 – Registration Start

August 19, 2022 – Beginning of Submission Entry

October 01, 2022 24:00 – Registration End

October 05, 2022 17:00 – End of Submission
Submissions must arrive in the competition office by the time stated

November 16, 2022 – Award ceremony

January 2023 – Public announcement will be made in the 2023 January issue of SHINKENCHIKU

+Exhibition will be held at AIJ building in Tokyo Japan: Feb. 13th(Mon)-Feb. 16th(Thur), 2023


This competition is open to everyone in the world of all ages.


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