Submission: January 30, 2023
Registration: January 30, 2023
Language: English
Location: Spain
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Type: Open


How can humans occupy spaces that inspire harmony with the natural environment? What can we, as designers, do to accomplish this and create architecture that avoids destruction of the natural world while also benefitting our environmental impact?

We now live in a world where architecture takes valuable resources and causes destruction of the natural environment. We are looking for a design scheme that builds a connection between humans and nature and gives back to our natural surroundings, rather than only taking from them.

Our brief asks for an innovative and creative design focusing on the user experience and connection to the surrounding nature, wildlife and existing village with a minimal environmental impact. We are looking for a special and unique piece of architecture that will inspire future designs.

Challenge: design a vernacular and fully sustainable eco-hotel balancing on the edge of the dramatic cliffs of the Pre-Pyrenees. The site is located next to the small mountain village of Tavertet, Catalonia.

The challenge is to create a sustainable, environmentally conscious structure, or set of structures that sit peacefully, teetering at the edge of the cliffs, providing an emotive experience for visitors. The design should take its inspiration from the natural setting and connect with its surroundings, allowing visitors to have an immersive experience, both inside and outside of the hotel, of the dramatic scenery and wildlife that surrounds them. 

The hotel will consist of a reception space, a communal area and private rooms. Each space should provide an opportunity for visitors to temporarily leave the burden of modern day life to reconnect and interact with nature.

The architecture should carefully consider the abundance wildlife of the area and the impact that any buildings may have on the natural flora and fauna of the Natural Park.

Larsen Liverpool Limited are an environmentally and sustainability minded company and we are determined to make the world a better place than we found it by reducing our global impact and carbon footprint.

One tree will be planted in a key reforestation project for each participant that signs up to one of our competitions.


1ST PRIZE £1,000 Publication Competition voucher Certificate of Achievement

2ND PRIZE £200 Publication Competition voucher Certificate of Achievement

PUBLIC FAVOURITE £100 voucher Publication Competition voucher Certificate of Achievement

HONOURABLE MENTION £100 voucher Publication Competition voucher

We are providing an opportunity to showcase your skill and creativity. This competition is open to all students, artists, creators, and designers from any creative discipline. Our award winning and multitalented jury work across different sectors of the creative industry.


One tree will be planted in a key reforestation project for each participant that signs up to one of our competitions.

We are trying to gain momentum by hosting this, and future, competitions so that we may create a platform for designers to share their work and have their say! Many competition hosts select a small group of work to put forward and display and many of the amazing projects that are produced are not displayed. We want to celebrate your hard work and showcase it within our virtual gallery! Register now and take part to have your work showcased.

The competition will be judged by a talented and multidisciplinary set of jurors, who work across different creative sectors. Winners of this competition will receive a cash prize and their entry will be exhibited on our website and across all of our social media channels. This will give the winner an opportunity to showcase their incredible work and make connections with potential employers.


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Early Registration: 1 July – 31 August 2022

Standard Registration: 1 September – 30 November 2022

Final Registration: 1 December 2022 – 30 January 2023

Submission: 11.59pm (UK time) 30 January 2023

Results Announcement: 3 April 2023



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University of Liverpool – Architecture


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University of Barcelona – English Studies

Leeds Beckett University – Psychology


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Sapienza Università di Roma – Architecture

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