Submission: March 2, 2023
Registration: February 28, 2023
Language: English
Prizes: Please see the details below
Type: Open


Over the past 10 years, Buildner has been proud to view the work of an incredible list of architects and designers. Our established and experienced panel of judges knows the importance of impressive visuals and how an accomplished portfolio can make you stand out from the crowd and get you the recognition and the career prospects you deserve.

The visual presentation of architectural projects is vitally important and one of the most common ways for architects and designers to communicate their ideas. Visual presentations are an architect’s primary tool to communicate their abilities, skills, and experience, whether sharing a completed project, concept art, or mood boards.

The importance of stand-out visuals cannot be underestimated, as they are the first thing that jury panel members and hiring managers will see when submitting your work to competitions, pitches, or companies. Explanations, plans, and details are all important, but the initial and lasting impact of impressive visuals is key. The Buildner Architecture Portfolio Competition is part of a quarterly competition series in which our in-house jury panel will critique your online portfolio. Open to experienced and novice architects and designers, five selected winners from this competition will each receive €1,000, as well as a detailed review of all their submitted work.


5, 000 € Total Prize Fund!
5 winners, will receive 1,000 € each!
+ The Buildner portfolio review!


75 € / 1 portfolio


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Date: February 9, 2023