The Harrison School of Design Competition

Submission: 22nd December 2023 Registration: 22nd December 2023 Location: UK/ USA Language: English Prizes: £1,750 total Type: Open

360-degree global branding, interior design & architecture specialist, Harrison, today announces the launch of its inaugural design competition,

The Harrison School of Design Competition’. Launching across the UK and US simultaneously, in its first year the competition will give students the opportunity to put their knowledge to the test and into practice. Through the competition, Harrison hopes to uncover a visionary designer, allowing the business to continue to develop innovative and captivating environments that redefine the guest experience.

The Challenge – UK: 

In order to challenge students, the brief will encourage entrants to apply what they have learnt throughout their studies, developing delivering an out of the box fine dining concept which meets the practical needs of guests whilst leave a lasting impression and pushing the boundaries of hospitality design. Touchpoints which form key parts of Harrison’s proposition will be incorporated, such as how technology can be used to enhance the functionality of the space, the ethos of the restaurant, sustainability and branding to name a few. 

In the UK, entrants will be required to submit their materials along with a recorded video presenting their concept and explaining their thought process throughout. There will be three prizes awarded, £1,000 for first place, £500 for second, and £250 for third place. The first-place recipient will also be offered a two-month intern placement at Harrison at their Sutton Coldfield offices.  

Across the company’s 35-year history, support and development of young designers has been a core value for the team at Harrison having been instilled from day one by founder Philip Harrison. Today, the business is recognised as being one of the leading hospitality design agencies for those looking to start their career, developing fresh, imaginative design concepts which stand the test of time. 

To find out more about the entry requirements, eligibility, and how the competition will play out, visit: https://www.weareharrison.com/competition/.

Kevin Grima, Creative Director at Harrison, says: “Every company needs to strike a balance between experience and innovation, a safe pair of hands and one that pushes boundaries, and at a completely simplified level, old and young. Finding this balance and encouraging new talent into the industry and into Harrison is one of the secrets to our success – and something the whole team is passionate about. It brings fresh and innovative thinking alongside new perspectives and insight, allowing us to work smarter and ensure we are always delivering new and exciting creative ideas for our clients. This is especially powerful within the hospitality industry where businesses need to have a strong USP in order to cut through the noise. We have so much creative space to play in, staying relevant and driving experiences people want is crucial to both our business and our partners’. 

“I’m personally very excited to be bringing The Harrison School of Design Competition to students across the UK and the US. It is a great way for aspiring designers to step outside of the confines of their studies and showcase their own thoughts, processes and creativity – something you don’t always get the opportunity to do. From the unique approaches to design, this competition will shine a spotlight on students who bring the energy and fresh thinking. We’re looking forward to receiving submissions, taking a look into the creative minds who will be the future of design, and seeing where the competition takes us.”

Terms and conditions apply, current employees’ and recent former employees’ immediate families and those Harrison deems to present conflicts of interest, are ineligible to participate. For any questions, please reach out to competitionuk@weareharrison.com.

To find out more information, visit the Harrison website: https://www.weareharrison.com/