Unbuilt Visions 2016

Submission: December 15, 2016
Registration: December 05, 2016
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Details below 
Type: Open


Unbuilt Visions promotes critical debate about architecture and design by acknowledging excellence in unbuilt projects. This annual competition provides an opportunity to engage with architecture, urbanism, interiors, and designed objects at the conceptual stage by recognizing work that offers a critical contribution to worldwide architectural discourse.

The increasingly multidisciplinary nature of our work has become more experimental, while correspondingly less classifiable.  In an era of significant technological innovation, speculative projects offer vast potential for advancing theoretical discourse, as well as alternative ways to intervene within the built environment.  Yet there are inherent risks and challenges attached to exploring uncharted frontiers. In the 21st century, which unbuilt ideas will reflect the most salient and avant-garde notions of our time?

Unbuild Visions recognizes excellence in projects that to date remain unbuilt.  Theoretical, academic, and other unbuilt projects will be juried and awarded by a distinguished international panel of architects, designers, theorists, and historians.

All projects submitted to the competition will be considered for publication in ‘Unbuilt Visions I’, the first volume in a series that will collect, curate, and document transitions in unbuilt architecture and design. Sponsored by New York-based d3, this annual program is open to all architects, landscape architects, designers, students, and other makers of the built environment.  Unbuilt architecture and design projects of any type are eligible.  There are no restrictions on site, program, or geographic location.


Unbuilt work of any project type is eligible. The competition solicits theoretical proposals, academic studio work, thesis projects, and unbuilt client-sponsored projects including buildings, interiors, urban design, landscape architecture, industrial design, furniture, etc.


All architects, landscape architects, designers, engineers, and students are invited to participate. d3 encourages submissions authored by interdisciplinary teams.

∑ Individual or group entries are accepted

∑ No limit on the number of participants per team

∑ $50 USD/entry

∑ Submission deadline is December 15, 2016

Registration fees are paid using the secure link below via PayPal. Click ‘REGISTER’ to navigate to the fee payment system. Upon receiving your registration fee and contact details, d3 will e-mail a four-digit entrant number to the e-mail contact address provided. The unique four-digit entrant number will be used to identify your presentation boards.


The competition will award three Grand Prizes and multiple Special Mentions. Submissions may be envisioned for various typologies in worldwide site locations. All projects will be eligible for typology-specific special mentions.

Grand Prize Category:

∑ Grand Prize $500 prize

∑ Grand Prize $500 prize

∑ Grand Prize $500 prize

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