Urban Imprints

Submission: 10th April 2024 Registration: 10th April 2024 Location: India Language: English Prizes: View Website Type: Open for Writers under 35

We now exist in an era wherein our physical urban environment and digital data constantly collide—informing, altering, and evolving. With such abundance, capturing and maintaining people’s attention spans has become increasingly challenging. So, how might one write about the urban and architecture in such a way that it grabs not only the readers’ interest but also its ever-changing nuances?

Prompted by this, ArchitectureLive! opens—URBAN IMPRINTS—a monthly writing contest seeking submissions from writers under the age of 35 to delve into the complexities of urbanism, explore the intersections between their profession and urban/architecture, and dissect the social, economic, political, gender, and cultural dimensions of urban spaces that crop up around them in 300 to 400 words.

Whatever your profession, whatever your location … your voice is welcome in this investigation of the urban environments we inhabit.

We want your submissions to be daring, unique, and unapologetically curious. So, whether you find inspiration in the city lights, the streets, or an intricate design of a building in which you work or live, or whether you question architecture and urbanism from the perspective of your profession and seek out connections or aspects of economic, cultural, political, gender, class, or religion, we invite your unique narrative to the ongoing conversations about the world we build and inhabit.

The call is open, and the stage is yours…


Date: April 2, 2024