WARSAWCALL: Concert Hall

Submission: July 26, 2021
Registration: July 26, 2021
Language: English
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


The Warsaw Concert Hall aims to represent a new icon for the city center, an element of significant value that becomes a cultural incubator for the entire local community. The complex will house inside a large concert hall including spaces for events – rehearsal rooms, recording studios, music shops – where young artists will be able to hone their musical knowledge. An important institution for culture which, in harmony with the progressive approach of European capitals, becomes an opportunity for urban regeneration.

Warsaw was born as a small fishing community to become, during the sixteenth century, the capital of Poland. The colors that characterize the city buildings gave the urban center a considerable reputation which was interrupted following the damage caused by the Second World War. The reconstruction that followed the conflict was so faithful that it gave the area UNESCO protection. The Jewish ghetto still preserves the damaged buildings to testify the period of persecutions; Wilanow palace and Lazienki park return a sense of austerity often celebrated by public concerts with which citizens retrace the noble musical tradition started here by the well-known composer Chopin.


There is no limit for the competition. I allowed to contest all those who want to deal with the theme proposed, whatever their country of origin. There are no age limits, can enroll graduate students, graduates or professionals. You can participate as an individual or as a group (max 5 components). In the second case it is necessary to elect a leader to have a contact person to which official communications. Each participant may submit only one project and not be part of more than one grouping. All competitors have the same rights and must fulfill the same obligations. Groups can be mixed or use more professional, they may be made simultaneously by graduate and undergraduate students.

Functional specifications

(to be considered as design support; Surfaces and functions can be implemented at the discretion of the participants):

Hall:   100 mq
+ 1 Concert Hall:500 sits
+ 2 rehearsal room: 100 mq for each one
+2 recording studios: 100mq for each one
+2musical shops: 50mq cadauno
2 Workshop spaces:200 mq cadauno
Coffee shop:200mq
Machine room (water and electricity generators): 100mq
+ Storage equipment for maintenance: 70mq
+ Green area:700/100mq
There is no heights limit and it is possible design underground spaces.


The winners will be announced on the website of the Association no later than the date of 26th of July2021. Will be deserving the first three works as well as any other projects which are not excluded special mentions.

The winner will receive a prize of 1000,00 euro (excluding TAX).


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