Young Visionary Architecture Competition 2023

Submission: 16th November 2023 Registration: 16th November 2023 Location: Concept Language: English Prizes: View Website Type: Open

Standout Archi has launched the world’s first architecture competition awarding 10 internships at top Architecture firms as MAD, MVRDV, CRA, and others..

10 paid internships are awarded for 10 winners of the competition (among 10 categories).

The internships duration range from 3 to 6 months at the following firms:

1- – CRA Carlo Ratti Associati | Rome, Italy – 6 months Paid Internship 

2- MVRDV Architects | Rotterdam, Netherlands – 6 months Paid Internship 

3- Kraaijvanger Architects | Rotterdam, Netherlands – 6 months Paid Internship 

4- Chybik + Kristof | Brno, Czech Republic – 6 months Paid Internship 

5- ELIA Architects | Barcelona, Spain – 3 months Paid Internship 

6- Archea Associati (MCP) | Paris, France – 6 months Paid Internship 

7- ACPV | Milano, Italy – 6 months Paid Internship 

8- SASI STUDIO | London, UK – 3 months Paid Internship 

9- MAD Architects | Rome, Italy – 3 months Paid Internship 

10- Lombardini22 | Milano, Italy – 3 months Paid Internship

YVAC2023 Brief:

We are delighted to announce the launch of YVAC 2023, an international competition inspired by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright, the “Father of Architecture,” left a major impact on the world of design and construction.
His architectural philosophy emphasized harmonizing structures with the natural environment, a concept that continues to resonate with architects and designers to this day. Despite his remarkable achievements in designing over 1100 structures, it is equally essential to explore Wright’s collection of 660 unbuilt projects.
These projects serve as a testament to his visionary imagination and his pursuit in pushing the boundaries of architectural possibilities. The competition seeks to honor the visionary spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright by inviting young architects and designers from around the world to dive into the realm of unbuilt projects fostering creativity, pushing architectural boundaries, and envisioning tomorrow’s built world.

  • Young Visionary Architecture Competition 2023 is a design based contest that involves unbuilt projects by students and graduates from all over the world. The projects can be expressed as personal or university projects. The competition features 10 categories, 10 jury members, and 10 internships.

Competition Categories:

  1. Architectural Cultural Award
    2. Architectural Residential Award
    3. Architectural Industrial Award
    4. Architectural Mixed-use Award
    5. Architectural Monument Award
    6. Architectural Educational Award
    7. Architectural Healthcare Award
    8. Architectural Recreational Award
    9. Urban Design Award
    10. Street and Landscape Urban Award

Jury Members 

Paolo Vimercati – Lombardini22
Francesco Barone – MVRDV
Alessandro Fasalli – MAD Architects
Chantal Vos – Kraaijvanger Architects
Ondrej Chybik – CHYBIK + KRISTOF
Carolina Anselmino – CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati
Francesco Simonin – Archea Associati
Ignasi Fontcuberta – ELIA Architects
Paolo Mazza – ACPV (Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel)
Mattia Santi – SASI Studio


-The competition is open to students and recent graduates.
– Participants must be currently studying or holding a degree in Architecture, Urban Design, or closely related fields.
– Recent graduates must have obtained their degree in 2018 or more.
– Submissions can be made individually (1 participant) or as a team of up to three (4) members.
– In the case of a team entry, all team members are required to meet the specified criteria above.

Apart from the internships prize, a cash prize is involved, rendering services, and architecture courses.
Check Standout Archi’s website for more details.


Registration is now open. Current phase is closing soon.