bim concurs 2018


Submission: March 17, 2018
Registration:  February 04, 2018
Language: French, English
Location: Suresnes (near Paris, France)
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


The 2018 BIM Competition asks applicants to reflect on the creation of a grammar school for 500 students in the city of Suresnes. Applicants should design the digital model including one or more builidings that will be located within an existing cluster.

BIM objects of the industrial sponsors of the competition should be included in the digital model.

The Suresnes Open-Air School built by architects Eugène Beaudouin and Marcel Lods is located on this existing cluster block. Candidates should also include a proposal for repurposing it.

The project’s site is situated at the town of Suresnes near Paris (France).

The Jury will evaluate the candidates proposition’s relevance. Additionally, the quality of the BIM method will be judged.

The total amount of prizes is 17,500€ distributed as follows: 1st prize: 10,000€, 2nd prize: 5,000€, 3rd prize: 2,500.

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