2024 International Render Awards (IntRA): Architecture Edition

Submission: 31st May 2024 Registration: 31st May 2024 Location: Concept Language: English Prizes: View Website Type: Open

The International Render Awards (IntRA): Architecture Edition is thrilled to announce its annual award for 2024, inviting talented architects, designers, artists, and visualization professionals from around the globe to showcase their exceptional rendering skills. This prestigious event aims to celebrate and recognize the artistry, innovation, and technical prowess involved in creating captivating visual representations of architecture, interior, and environment.

The theme for the 2024 International Render Awards (IntRA): Architecture Edition is “Rendering Spaces of Tomorrow”. Participants are encouraged to envision and depict future-oriented spaces that embody innovation, sustainability, and human-centric design. The theme challenges contestants to push the boundaries of their creativity while addressing the evolving needs and technological advancements of our society.

There will be no limitations on the entries, as long as they were created within the last three years (since January 2021). Submitted works are allowed to be considered for multiple categories or groups, as they may contain diverse elements. Each submission/registration is allowed a maximum of two panels, and both vertical and horizontal orientations are accepted.

Applicable submitted entry types: Commercial | Cultural | Educational | Environment | Government | Health | Industrial | Infrastructure | Interior | Landscape | Recreational | Hospitality | Refurbishment | Religious | Residential | Sport | Technology | Transport | Urbanism | Others.

For more information and to complete the registration process, kindly visit the official IntRA website:



[Registration Period]

20 Nov: Award launches

20 Nov – 31 Dec: Special Registration

1 Jan – 31 Jan: Early Bird Registration

1 Feb – 28 Feb: Pre-registration

1 Mar – 30 Apr: Standard Registration

1 May – 31 May: Late Registration

15 May – 31 May: Submission Period

31 May: Registration Deadline, Submission Deadline


[Review Period]

1 Jun – 15 Jun: First round jury review and deliberation

15 Jun: Announcement of longlisted entries

16 Jun – 30 Jun: Second round jury review and deliberation

30 Jun: Announcement of shortlisted entries

1 Jul – 16 Jul: Public voting, Final round jury review and deliberation

20 Jul: Results announcement for finalists

Summer 2024: Exhibition, publication, interview (TBA)

* Note: All milestones are due by 11:59 pm (UTC+08:00)


Prizes of a total of $3000, including Cash Prize + Certificate + Exhibition + Publication + Interview + Gifts + Voucher. Winning entries and honourable mentions will be selected by the Jury committee and the public voting results will be considered with proper weight. Prizes will be divided and recognized into Honorable Mentions, Public Choice Award, and Special Award for Innovative Design. All of the above winners, in addition to cash prizes, will also receive certificates, exhibitions, publications, gifts and coupons for online courses from our partners, and priority consideration for interviews and reporting opportunities from our partner media. All shortlisted winners will be awarded a certificate of participation. Honorable Mentions, Public Choice Award, and Special Award for Innovative Design are applicable to all types of entries.



Martin Fenlon, Principal, Martin Fenlon Architecture, Los Angeles, US

Committee Members:

Bas ten Brinke, Owner, Senior Architect, seventyF architecture, Almere, Netherlands

Ingrid van der Veen, Business Owner, Studio Ingrid van der Veen, Hattemerbroek, Netherlands

James Chaddick, Director of Design, James Chaddick & Associates, Portland & Las Vegas, US

Guillaume AUBRY | Cyril GAUTHIER | Yves PASQUET, Co-founder, FREAKS, Paris, France

Sanjay Prakash, Principal Consultant, SHiFt: Studio for Habitat Futures, New Delhi, India

Tijana Žišić, Teaching Assistant, Designer, Architect, PhD Candidate, University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade, Serbia

Guneet Raj Singh, Principal Architect, Raj Karan Designs, Gurgaon, India

Damian Przybyła, Founder & Project Manager, Co-founder & PM, Architect, Laka / Design Educates Awards, Gliwice, Poland

Niko Kapa, Director, Studio Niko Kapa, Dubai, UAE

Bassel Omara, Founder & Design Principal, Omara Design Studio, Dubai, UAE

Spiros Spiropoulos, Architect Director, IdE-Arch S.Spiropoulos M.Tsakri Architects, Athens, Greece

Ali Sarrafi Nik, Faculty of Architecture, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran

Ricardo Acosta, Co-founder Partner, LIMIT Studio, Braga, Portugal

Vittorio Longheu, Architect, Studio Vittorio Longheu Architetto, Mantua, Italy


Please visit https://intra.kontest.xyz/

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Date: November 27, 2023