community healthcare design competition


Submission: June 25, 2020
Registration: June 25, 2020
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: TOTAL 480 QAR (Qatari Rial)
Type: Open


Community healthcare clinics are solution to easy accessible healthcare services for both urban and rural population. They can serve the issues of urgent health services in case of emergency situations. With outbreaks of epidemics, the urge of medical facilities increases, these clinics will serve as a mini hospital at such condition also which eliminates the number of infected victims suffering due to unavailability of healthcare facility.

The competition asks for creative design for a Community healthcare clinic which is basically a small clinic near by your neighborhood which serves all the primary healthcare. The competition ask for a concise idea of clinic which can be easily constructed, function-able and aesthetically pleasing. Participants are also asked to design as such, it could easily constructed with shipping container boxes/precast/modular design.

Participants can experiment with various approach and can make an unconventional medical space which makes it better functional than the conventional. We ask you to choose a site near to your locality not more than 50sqm.

Participants are free to site their projects anywhere in the world. The concept and design must be original. We ask you to look into the functional as well as aesthetic part of the design.

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