Competition BETA 2016

Submission: July 28 , 2016
Registration: July 28 , 2016
Language: Romanian, Serbian, Hungarian
Location: Timișoara, Romania
Prizes: 16 prizes of 1000 €/prize (1 prize for each of the 16 competition categories)
Type: Open


The BETA 2016 competition supports and promotes architecture in its various forms and manifestations. As the main event of the BETA* architecture biennial in Timișoara, the competion is intended to be a relating interface both within the profession and between the profession and the socio-cultural environment in which it operates.

Relying on contextual similarities, the competition is open for participants in the DKMT euroregion**.  Participants can submit works (completed projects, speculative/unrealized projects, initiatives for architetcure, graduation projects, architectural visions, architectural text) in 16 competition categories.

The competition is open to works realized in the DKMT euroregion or works belonging to authors with stable residence in the DKMT euroregion (for entry in the competition categories 1-13), as well as to works belonging to authors with stable residence in Romania, Serbia or Hungary (for entries in the competition categories 14-16).

The BETA 2016 competiton is taking place online, on the website competition.betacity.eu, available in Romanian, Hungarian and Serbian.

BETA 2016 aims to generate a responsible dialogue regarding architectural education, on-going education and the architectural practice. It will also incite the involvement, and professionalize the dialogue and collaboration methods, between the representatives of the administration, the professional body and the civic society.

* Timișoara’s architecture biennial (BETA) is a euroregional platform for dialogue and collaboration, whose main purpose is to improve the processes through which we build our cities.

** DKMT is a European region of cross-border cooperation (DKMT indicates the territory between the Danube-Kris-Mures-Tisa) which currently contains the counties Timiș, Caraș-Severin, Arad and Hunedoara in Romania, Csongrád and Bacs-Kiskun in Hungary and the province Vojvodina in Serbia.

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