Concéntrico 10

Submission: 20th December 2023 Registration: 20th December 2023 Location: Concept Language: English Prizes: View Website Type: Open

Concéntrico, Logroño International Festival of Architecture and Design, celebrates its 10th edition with a major transformation in which we want to visualise the future of the festival and share the learning acquired about the city by incorporating new formats, integrating audiences and meeting challenges that explore time as a factor of change in urban and social design.

The new edition will be held from 25 April to 1 May 2024.

The festival opens the competitions for three interventions in the tenth edition, with a deadline of 20 December 2023 at 23:59 hours (GMT+1), and a call for proposals in two phases for the programme The Street in 10 Years, with an initial deadline of 20 November 2023 at 23:59 hours (GMT+1).

The tenth edition of Concéntrico adds as a novelty The Street in 10 Years, an innovative programme that we are launching with Porto Academy —an organisation that carries out an alternative educational experience of great international recognition— in which five teams will be selected to design an area of the city with a 10-year strategy; and the proposal Celebrating the city, a competition that combines architecture/art/music by proposing to rethink the kiosk as an urban emblem of a celebration, and which we organised with ArtWorks —an organisation that produces works of art, projects and exhibitions, creating a collaborative and experimental attitude with creatives from different artistic areas—.

Participation, with a digital submission format, is open to an international scope:

Pavilion in the Plaza de Escuelas Trevijano, starting point for the tours and activities. A meeting space that shows in an innovative way how urban spaces have become a fundamental reference for coexistence.

Installation in Viña Lanciano, in collaboration with Bodegas LAN, the proposal is to work next to the Mantible Ecológico plot, a vineyard of high landscape and ecological value, thanks to its peculiar location around a meander of the river Ebro. A unique enclave not only for the cultivation of vines, but also for the coexistence of a multitude of fauna and varieties of riverbank flora.

Celebrating the city, with ArtWorks we propose to rethink the model of the kiosk that inhabits our squares to provoke celebration through music and art. This competition proposes the design of an urban stage in dialogue with the Concha del Espolón.

The Street in 10 Years, we have added a new two-phase format that allows us to deepen the founding thesis of Concéntrico: cities can be built in a different way. The selected environment integrates different types of urban fabric: pedestrian street, street with various mobility models and square / park area.

Concéntrico will be responsible for the production and construction of the winning proposals in coordination with the teams selected in the competitions. These interventions will form part of the set of projects to be carried out in different locations in the city.


Date: November 23, 2023