construction container facelift competition

Construction Container Facelift

Submission: November 03, 2017
Registration: October 06, 2017
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: 1st Prize: US $3,000, 2nd Prize: US $1,500, 3rd Prize: US $500
Type: Open


As cities expand and construction continues, citizens have grown to accept the eyesore that accompanies it. Construction containers are often sighted blocking city views and crowding construction locations. We don’t think that the inhabitants of cities need to compromise their cityscapes with construction containers just in the name of progress.

The Construction Container Facelift competition, in partnership with VUDIS Modular Unit Manufacturer, is calling on designers to find creative solutions to tackle this global problem at its core. Participants are tasked with neutralising the negative visual impact of the construction containers on cityscapes by tapping into the containers’ surfaces as an unclaimed resource for enhancing the city. Turning a negative into a positive and improving the city visually and perhaps even functionally.

This is an open architecture ideas competition, welcoming submissions and participants from all countries and all levels of experience. The brief is flexible, allowing for projects that offer purely aesthetic solutions and those that propose a revolution of the entire construction process, with the containers being replaced with alternative and more sustainable options that have less of an impact on the cityscape.

The official competition partner VUDIS Modular Unit Manufacturer will be involved throughout the jury process and will consider all winning designs and honourable mentions for production.


Competition is open to all. No professional qualification is required. Design proposals can be developed individually or by teams ( 4 team members maximum ). People who have direct personal or professional relationships with jury panel members or organisers may not participate in this competition.


Design solutions for this competition must be versatile enough so that they can be applied to various different situations. They would need to take into consideration construction projects that require a differing number and type of containers with different functions. This could be a single construction container serving a single function, or perhaps a stack of containers with offices, changing rooms and other temporary facilities to meet the construction workers’ needs. The proposed solution will need to be suitable for all


• Participants are required to upload four (4) A2 landscape-orientated presentation boards (they must not exceed 5mb per jpg ) with sketches, renderings, plans, sections, elevations, diagrams and/or other presentation tools to explain their proposal.
• Video files are not accepted.
• All written information must be provided in English.
• All submissions must be uploaded via the beebreeders.com upload panel. Access information and instructions on how to upload the presentation panel is issued to participants via email immediately after a successful registration.
• Presentation boards must not indicate any information related to the individual’s/team’s identity.



1st PRIZE – US $3,000
2nd PRIZE – US $1,500
3rd PRIZE – US $500


Early Bird Registration: 30 MARCH – 24 MAY
Advance Registration: 25 MAY – 19 JULY
Last Minute Registration: 20 JULY – 06 OCTOBER

Closing date for registration: 06 OCTOBER, 2017
Closing date for project submission: 03 NOVEMBER, 2017 (11.59pm GMT)
Announcement of the winners: 07 DECEMBER, 2017

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