Cultural Winery Competition

Submission: 24th May 2024 Registration: 24th May 2024 Location: Tuscany Language: English Prizes: up to 10.000 € Type: Open

TerraViva Competitions launches CULTURAL WINERY. The challenge of this competition is to imagine a new concept of tasting, a space in which art, culture and tradition come together in a single project. Prizes up to 10.000 € will be awarded to the winners selected by an international jury panel composed, among others, Biagio Amodio (Zaha Hadid Architects), Olga Aleksakova (Columbia GSAPP), Giulio Galasso (ETH Zurich), and Tianhui Zhang (Pelli Clarke & Partners).

The scenic landscape of Tuscany unfolds with the unique charm of its vernacular farmhouses, typically referred to as “Poderi”. These picturesque structures served for ages as the heart of small family-operated farms, often surrounded by vineyards and fertile agricultural expanses.

Among them, we find a particular Agriturismo that has been part of an ambitious renovation project for the last 40 years: the wonderful Podere Fedespina. Built over the centuries and characterised by an ancient manor house made of local sandstone, the first elements of this rural complex date back to the 15th century.

Cultural Winery is about imagining a new concept of tasting, a space in which art, culture and tradition come together in a single project. A contemporary headquarter where visitors will have the opportunity to spend their time, purchase products, dine and delve deeper into the winemaking process.

Prizes & Mentions
• 1st Prize: 5.000€
• 2nd Prize: 2.000€
• 3rd Prize: 1.000€
• 4 Golden Mentions: 500€ each
• 10 Honourable Mentions: 1 free competition in 2024
• 30 Finalists
• 15% Discount to stay at Podere Fedespina throughout 2024 exclusively reserved for participants

The goal of this competition is to complement the existing facilities with a new building capable of offering a contemporary experience in a space steeped in history. A one-of-a-kind winery where leisure, events and nature coexist in harmony. The new volume will be the heart of the winery, the core and meeting point where most of the activities will take place.

Cultural Winery encourages participants to experiment with a wide variety of shapes, layouts and textures. Designers will have the freedom to intervene creatively both at a landscape and topographic level. What really matters are the distribution of spaces, the multifunctionality of the different areas and the possibility to accommodate a variety of programs in a flexible way.

Take the chance to design an innovative architecture that will become the new landmark of the Podere.

Requested Material
Competitors have to submit two A1 panels (59,4 x 84,1 cm) landscape oriented + a brief text describing the proposal (up to 500 words) + 10 images extracted from the panels + a team photo.

• Matteo Farina | Podere Fedespina (Mulazzo, Italy)
• Olga Aleksakova | Columbia GSAPP (New York, USA)
• Renyi Zhang | Perkins&Will (Boston, USA)
• Elisa Battilani | Cream Estudio (Barcelona, Spain)
• Valentina Del Motto | Olos Atelier (Varese, Italy)
• Giulio Galasso | ETH Zurich (Zurich, Switzerland)
• Tianhui Zhang | Pelli Clarke & Partners (New Haven, USA)
• Biagio Amodio | Zaha Hadid Architects (London, UK)

• Competition Opening on January 30th
• 69 € “Early” Registration from January 30th to March 29th
• 89 € “Standard” Registration from March 29th to April 26th
• 109 € “Late” Registration from April 26th to May 24th
• Submission Deadline on May 24th (h 3.00 pm CET)
• Results Announcement on June 10th

Download full brief here: https://www.terravivacompetitions.com/cultural-winery-competition-2024/

Requirements & Eligibility
The competition is open to architects, designers, students, urbanists, engineers, artists, makers and anyone interested in the fields of architecture and design. Participants can join the competition either individually or with a team.

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