culturEart – 24h Competition

Submission: July 4,  2021
Registration: July 4, 2021
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


A place where the time limit is used to stimulate your creativity. This contest aims to present 24-hour architectural responses to the problems affecting cities and society today and consecutively the world, with a very strong focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly measures.

Commitment, perseverance, inspiration and hard work are all the necessary bases to develop a proposal that meets the premises that will be regularly disclosed in the competition summary. There is a registration period when it ends, the competition starts! You have 24 hours to develop a proposal that responds to the program contained in the contest brief that will only be available on the same day of the competition.
Take the risk!

About IF

IF it is an international platform for competitions that aims to connect ideas from different areas of society in order to help transform cities and make them increasingly self-sustaining, efficient and green. We are looking for innovative ideas and new ways of thinking. In a global emergency period, it is increasingly important that we think globally. IF is the space. Here, you can try and experiment, everything is possible!


The heart of culture will be the epicenter of all emotions, this Sacred place of wisdom and knowledge that feeds a people and moves them forward. Here minds are opened, and the reason is challenged. Feeling takes place and takes us to places we didn’t know existed. We will be less reason and more emotion and, therefore, more human. We will have the ability to dream and unveil the hidden. Learning that 1 + 1 may not be two and a square may not be just a square. Knowledge through culture has an abstract dimension that cannot be explained, but that is felt. Art is born, and the heartbeats!

The full brief will be available on the competition day at IF website.


1st Place € 500+ publication on the website, social networks and media partners +  24H free registration +  24h competition eBook
2nd Place € 150 – publication in website, social networks and media partners + 24H free registration + 24h competition eBook
3rd Place € 50 –  publication in website, social networks and media partners + 24H free registration + 24h competition eBook
7 Honorable Mentions – publication in website, social networks and media partners


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