Design A Beautiful House – Design Competition

Submission: September 30, 2015
Registration:  September 30, 2015
Language: English
Location: London, England
Prizes: £25,000 is the allocated prize fund
Type: Open 


‘Design a Beautiful House’, is an International Design Competition that seeks beautiful, high quality design proposals for a new home. ‘My home’ is located on a 91 ha site set within London’s metropolitan green belt. It will be home to 7 people with varying requirements. Whilst Entrants should be mindful of its context, it shouldn’t unduly constrain the thinking or imagination necessary to develop a work of art.


This anonymous, open international design competition aims to generate new ideas and proposals for the construction and delivery of a new house and its setting on a former site for a golf course. The design responses should demonstrate a concept of beauty whilst providing a home that responds to the brief, from concepts to details.

The proposals should seek to be aesthetically pleasing, enhanced through design concepts and material use amongst other considerations. Proposals should also be considerate to its context. It is imperative that whilst each submission should embody a form of beauty, they should also address its capability of adapting for the changing needs of its users.


‘A Beautiful House’ will be inhabited by a family of 7, to include 4 adults and 3 children, it will also need to accommodate guests. The below quotations highlight a selection of their differing and specific needs. The full brief and competition criteria can be downloaded after registration.

The Site

Formerly a golf course and golf club house, the site now hosts a residential home that comprises of one residential dwelling with several out buildings, a boat house and jetty that is surrounded by large lakes and agricultural/forestry land. The site and surrounding area is rural in character and within the Metropolitan Green Belt. Access is via a driveway from one main road(see site information download) and a number of footpaths cross the site.

Planning Consideration

Entrants are advised to have regard to the town planning context that applies to the site but, at this stage, not to unduly constrain their thinking or imagination. Should an entrant be successful and the project progressed, then the evolution of the design and the scheme will occur at this point. It will be at this later stage that planning policy will be considered in detail and the planning system engaged with. It is the concept, imagination shown, and delight that is brought by the design competition submission that are the principle considerations at this first stage.

Themes & Objectives

The competition aims to stimulate and reward innovative thinking about how a home can be designed. The project’s key themes include but are not limited to conceptual approaches to designing a home that defines ‘beauty’, through concepts, design quality and accessibility.


Each design should accommodate the following uses: living; dining; sleeping; socializing; working; learning and relaxing. Download the brief on registration for further information.

Competition Criteria

The following criteria will be used to judge each submission:

  • Beauty and a definition of ‘beauty’ and the ‘home’
  • Originality of solutions
  • Architecture that represents ideals and aspirations
  • Environmental consideration and response to the site
  • Innovative nature without relying on technological solutions or gimmicks
  • Relationship of built and natural
  • Practicality
  • Response and relevance to brief
  • Inspiring unique ways of living and life styles

Teams will be ultimately judged on their understanding, definition and (formal) expression of the brief.

Submission Requirements

Proposals should include:

  • A design statement (500 words)
  • Minimum of 3 digital A1 boards (84.1cm x 118.9cm) in PDF
  • A minimum of a site plan, concept architectural plans, sections and elevations
  • Drawings, sketches etc. to illustrate proposal in context
  • A 3D representation of the proposal
  • Schedule of Accommodation
  • Publicity Materials: 150 word summary and 2 high resolution concept images representing your submission
  • A declaration of authorship form

This competition is a free competition open to all nationalities and anyone including individuals or teams of designers, artists, students, architects, landscape architects, engineers amongst others. We’re looking for cross-disciplinary teams to collectively respond to the diverse challenges of creating a beautiful home. The competition is open to citizens of all nationalities.


£25,000 has been allocated as the prize fund and may be allocated with the majority going to the winner(s) depending on the outcome of the competition and criteria eligibility. See competition conditions download for further information.

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