diaster schelter

Disaster Relief Shelter – Reinventing The Tents

Submission: November 20, 2021
Registration: October 20, 2021
Language: English
Location: India
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


The challenge is to design a transportable, sustainable shelter that can support a sizable community and requires little maintenance. Making it ideal for deployment to any disasterstricken area lacking basic facilities and it also helps restore personal space and a sense of dignity for the victims.

Form the basis for the Future Shack, a selfcontained, modular refugeeshelter unit. It can be massproduced with a minimum of materials and is easily stockpiled, making it a versatile emergencyshelter unit.The size should be roughly 18 sq.m. in size, however the design should be able to extend up to 40 sq.m. if the family grows. A person requires 3 sq.m. to 3.5 sq.m. of room, hence an 18 sq.m. tent can accommodate up to 5 people, while a 40 sq.m. tent can accommodate up to 11 people.It should be easily assembled as needed within 6 hours or less on almost any terrain with no excavation, which means construction does not add to soil erosion problems or create additional damage to the area.Depending on the water collection solution of your design, it can also include a universal sink and shower. Keep in mind that materials have to be cheap and easy to install.When the sheltersare no longer required, they can be quickly disassembled and relocated around the world.

Awards & Prize Money

INR 35,000/USD 500

INR 25,000/USD 350

INR 25,000/USD 250

25 Honourable Mentions will be selected by the jurors for publications
15 Special Mentions will be selected by the jurors for publications
Few Select Mentions will be selected by the jurors for publications
ECertificates will be mailed to all the participants


The Competition is open for all Students, Working Professionals including Architects, Planners, Urban Planners and Design Students. people from other disciplines can also participate, such as engineers, sociologists, photographers, etc. Not being necessary the presence of an architect in the team.

Entries are invited from all the nations.

There are no restrictions on submitting entries that have been submitted to other competitions or previously published in public as long as that project isn’t a winning entry(Top 3).


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