martinique 5 star hotel competition

Ecological 5-star hotel in French Caribean

Submission: May 28, 2020
Registration: March 18, 2020
Language: English
Location: Martinique, French Caribean
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Urban Design


For decades, the seaside activity and the privatization of the seashores have participated in the transformation of the French and international coasts by the construction of facilities inherent to these mass tourist flows. Whether fortunate or unfortunate, these constructions have often had a negative impact on their environment and the stability of the surrounding biodiversity. It is therefore essential today to reduce the environmental impact of this activity.

The challenge of the competition will be to find sufficiently innovative architectural responses to limit the environmental impact of construction and allow the development of biodiversity.

How can a hotel complex be built today while minimizing its carbon footprint and offering sustainable and responsible construction techniques for a local activity that needs to be revitalized and perpetuated?


An idyllic island in the French overseas territory, Martinique is a dream destination for many French and international tourists. With more than a million visitors a year, tourism is not the main economic activity of the island but remains one of its pillars. The exceptional geographical location of the project imposes respect for the surrounding nature, which is both its showcase and its main asset.

The ambition of this competition is therefore to build an exemplary building at the service of sustainable tourism.

The Pointe du Bout in the municipality of Trois Îlets overlooks the bay of Fort-de-France. The project site faces the capital of Martinique and reveals an exceptional panorama.

O B J E C T I V E 


Created in 1986 by Daniel Arnoux and Patrick Vial-Collet, the Leader Hotels group is one of the few independent hotel chains in the French Caribbean. Owner of five hotels in Guadeloupe, including La Toubana (5 stars) and La Creole (4 stars), the group has established itself as a major player in the high-end hotel business in the French West Indies.

Wishing to live up to this exceptional site, the group decided to launch an architectural competition to design the first 5☆hotel in Martinique, and to make it one of the most exceptional hotels in the Caribbean.

The objective of this competition is also for them to question the future of the hotel industry with regard to growing environmental issues.


The project envisages the construction of a 5-star hotel comprising approximately 80 suites with areas ranging from 40 to 160 sq.m., as well as their common areas, swimming pool, bar, restaurant, spa and gym, with a total surface area of approximately 7,000 sq.m.

The estimated cost of the works is approximately 40 million euros.

J U D G E S 

To be announced.


3 to 4 teams admitted to compete will be selected by the project owner, on the basis of their portfolio and a letter of motivation.

Each team admitted to compete will be compensated up to 35,000€ HT for its participation in the competition.

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