Empordà Domus – Floating Eco House Competition

Submission: 23 September 2024
Registration: 23 September 2024
Language: English, Spanish, Catalan
Location: Els Aiguamolls de l’Empordà, Costa Brava, Mediterranean Sea, Catalonia, Spain
Prizes: Over £10,000
Type: International Design Competition


Challenge: to design a floating house, which can be incorporated in the Self-Sufficient Eco Village Competition. A successful design will demonstrate how the specifics of the site have been considered, including the rise and fall of the water and how this will be achieved without stopping the flooding and therefore impacting the ecology of the landscape. We are looking for a groundbreaking and unprecedented concept for a new way of living with a design that promotes sustainable, minimal impact architecture that meets its social purpose and combines a less straining, primitive lifestyle with the comfort and convenience of modern day technologies. The form of the structure is open to interpretation, and we encourage designers to be creative and think of innovative solutions to the question of ‘how do we live?’.

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