Submission: 31st August 2024 Registration: 31st August 2024 Location: Online Language: English Prizes: View website

Global Architecture Awards (GAA) is an annual awards program created by Global Awards Community open to architects, interior designers and landscape architects from all over the world.

GAA aims to recognize and award the best architecture in the world, no matter the location, the size or budget of the buildings!
We have created a diverse range of categories where all kinds of projects are suitable, from small and experimental constructions to large scale buildings: at G+ all kinds of projects have their place and are welcome!

At GAA we want to recognize projects that not only are marked by the implementation of new technologies, materials, aesthetics, programs, and spatial organizations, but also dialogue with respect with the natural and constructed elements of its surroundings.

At G+ YOUR projects have a special place to shine.


| Eligibility |

GAA is open to all projects that can be integrated in the established categories. No constraints are made concerning the year of conclusion, location of the building or project, architects and designers origin, nationality or other.
GAA is open to single or multiple submissions. Participants can submit the same project in different categories and up to 3 projects for each category until the deadline (31 August 2024). We highly encourage participants to submit more than one project to increase their chances of winning.


| Awards and distinctions |

GAA will be a powerful tool to assert the quality of work of architects and designers all over the world! Not only the winners will have their work promoted within our global media partners, but will also be able to use the winner certificates and media kit elements to enhance the projects visibility online.

GAA establishes a set of awards and distinctions, accessible to all candidates. All the submitted projects that meet the registration requirements will be able to be shared in social media, networks and websites of every candidate in order to receive public votes and be eligible for the “Public Choice” award.

We highly encourage candidates to present their projects in an early stage so they can benefit of the “Public Choice” vote for a longer period of time and enhance the chances of winning one these awards in every category.

The Jury will then vote for projects in each category. As a result of the analysis and voting process the following awards will be attributed for each category:
> GAA Gold Winner
> GAA Silver Winner
> GAA Bronze Winner
> GAA Honorable Mentions
> GAA Public Choice (to the most voted project from the public in every category)

There are 495+ awards and numerous honorable mentions waiting to be assigned to talented architects and designers form all over the world!


| Entry Fees, Schedule and Timeline |

GAA has 4 entry stages. Participants can register their entry earlier, saving on early entry fees, and submit their projects later, until the deadline.
However, we want to encourage candidates to present their projects in advance.

Pre-registration entry > until 15 of january 2024 (23:59h GMT)
Fee > 65€ per entry > discounts up to 25% on multiple entries

Early Bird entry > until 31 of March 2024 (23:59h GMT)
Fee > 100€ per entry > discounts up to 25% on multiple entries

Regular entry > until 30 of June 2024 (23:59h GMT)
Fee > 125€ per entry > discounts up to 25% on multiple entries

Late entry > until 31 of August 2024 (23:59h GMT)
Fee > 165€ per entry > discounts up to 25% on multiple entries

Deadline for submitting projects > until 31 of August 2024 (23:59h GMT)