Harley-Davidson® Architectural Contest 2016

Submission: July 25 , 2016
Registration: July 18, 2016
Language: English
Location: Santa Fe, USA
Prizes: 1st Prize: 50,000 MXN, 2nd & 3rd : see details below
Type: Open


Participation is open to architects, landscape architects, designers, etc. as well as students of careers related to all professionals, Interdisciplinary teams can also take part in the contest Note: anyone can participate. Registration in the competition implies immediate acceptance of all terms and conditions.


Promote opportunities for design and architectural renewal by exercising a real estate, pushing to be part of the Commercial renewal of a branch Harley-Davidson® Grupo BMC, creating a new store concept and creating a new business model

  • -design the renovation of the Branch Harley-Davidson® Santa Fe respecting the current architectural image of the company
  • – Renew and strengthen urban image, customer experiences and business growth of the Harley-Davidson store.

Proposals Harley-Davidson shop experience 2016 contest will place in the current space that up the Harley-Davidson® Branch Santa Fe (TO REVIEW ATTACHED DOCUMENT TO KNOW PERIMETER OF THE LOT). It should make explicit use of design alternatives that result in a commercially functional for company, economically prosperous and environmentally sustainable, through a program viable design that is linked to their context harmoniously, esthetic and comprehensive.

Currently the property is located in Prolongation Paseo de la Reforma # 195 in Lomas de Santa Fe, Delegation Alvaro Obregon, Mexico City. The land is shared by two agencies: Harley-Davidson® Santa Fe and BRP® Santa Fe, so it is essential that all projects are based on the physical separation of both agencies using the existing building, i.e, it must make the maximum structures, buildings, foundations etc. with currently available the property. Participants will have the freedom to reorganize the current space for business improvement brands as long as the abovementioned structure is respected by an average of 80%.

The maximum building height is 3 floors plus basement

1.- Division Harley-Davidson® and BRP® Santa Fe and Santa Fe marks 

For both brands division, must take into account the following points

  • 1.1 Renewal of the Harley-Davidson® Branch Santa Fe, which integrates an innovative design for the sale of motorcycles and accessories as well as elements of entertainment info (4k UHD virtual immersion tests, catalogs touch) and all the technology that the participant sees fit to include in this renewal.
  • 1.2 Generate a terrace giving access to the showroom separate BRP® the entry of Harley-Davidson. The generated space may be usable for workshop or warehouse, as well as an area for testing jet skis. Similarly, designing a loading and unloading motorcycles and general merchandise.
  • 1.3 Should be made a new workshop for the BRP brand separate workshop area of Harley-Davidson®, presenting an area of this service for each brand.
  • 1.4 Should also consider an office area for corporate Grupo BMC that includes a dining area for staff.

Note: Both branches must have health services and emergency exits. The current area cover Branch Harley-Davidson® Santa Fe may be amended in its entirety.

2.-First Digital Gallery Harley-Davidson® history Latin America.

It is a sequence of unique multimedia spaces in the country with different adjacent rooms that allow travel through the different stages of the Harley-Davidson® motorcycles in Mexico under BMC Group. It is intended to include 3 to 6 rooms for 12 people which integrate elements such as HD screens, digital screens, sound, etc.

Should be a fluid and continuous space, open to the public, which in combination with exposure motorcycles of Branch and the food Service area, give general and complete operation, making it a pleasant experience for visitors.

3.- Proposal for Food Service Area

Contemporary American restaurant meal (Friday, Wingstop, Heineken Bar, Hooters, etc) is placed as a center of attention for visitors, besides becoming an anchor activity that allows an increase in attendance at the branch and the leasing of space for benefit of Grupo BMC.

This space should share the American style that projects the company, to stimulate a capacity of people interested and who likes this type of activity.


2 horizontal images of the following will be sent :

    • -Format of the digital image: Two JPG files within a ZIP file.
    • – Dimensions: rectangular format (90 x 60 cm to 72 dpi) name.
    • – File the name of the ZIP file should match the Official Registration Number ( for example: if your registration number is 012345 your images should called 012345_A.jpg and 012345_B.jpg, the ZIP file will be called 012345.zip)
    • -Size ZIP file: Two (02) Megabytes maximum.
    • -Subject of email : it shall indicate in the subject of e-mail the official registration number, for example: 012345.

Note: A separate specification or file additional text to the .JPG images above shall be permitted. Submissions should be easy to understand, and be expressed in terms that are legible, clear and easy to interpret. Any other verbal or numerical description should be expressed only in Spanish language and should be incorporated into the image. May not include names, trademarks, logos or any other element that could identify its author, except OFFICIAL REGISTRATION NUMBER IN THE TOP RIGHT CORNER OF THE IMAGE.


All participants will be given a digital recognition for their participation at express request of the same and they will award an Honorable Mention to the outstanding work and the publication of its deliveries by means of support

1st place:

First place receive a recognition by Grupo BMC Harley-Davidson® and Escuela Digital, project publication in journals, $ 50,000 MXN, as well as an online course in Spanish 3D Max on Escuela Digital.

2nd and 3rd place:

The second and third place receive recognition Grupo BMC Harley-Davidson® and Escuela Digital publication project in journals as well as a course of 3D Max online in Spanish on Escuela Digital.

Note: the jury will be free after evaluation of all work not give 2nd and 3rd place if they deem it advisable.

The awards will take held in Mexico City; The prizes will be awarded by the jury (the place be confirmed). The exhibition project will take place in a museum in Mexico City with a date to confirmed. In event that the winner is a foreign participant (population outside Mexico), have the option to travel to Mexico City or connect electronically through voice and video in real time to witness the awards ceremony, the contest organizers do not bear the expense of their travel expenses if the participant wishes personally attend their prize confirmed).


All proposals should be sent to intervencionurbana@escueladigital.com in day later than July 25, 2016 in a range of 24 hrs (tentative date), when Mexico City.

Note: Only it may submit a proposal for registration. That is, if a participant wishes submit more than one proposal, you must make another record with the corresponding payment. If the proposal sent did not meet all specified in these rules, can not be evaluated.


According to the internal regulations of Escuela Digital, which maintain the anonymity of the contestants will not make get personal confirmations, so that they recommends contestants send their proposals by mail set (such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express) to allow ” electronic confirmations”. Addition, each participant must configure the email program as a receive a confirmation receipt of your file. This file should be sent to email intervencionurbana@escueladigital.com.mx preferably three days prior to closing of the receipt of proposals, since ESCUELA DIGITAL will publish and update the list of projects received so that can review compliance reception of your project. We suggest you check this relationship until you find published the registration number of your project. Participants must register for the Contest “Harley-Davidson Shop Experience 2016” for their proposals to be accepted. The only way to register is via the website: www.concursoarquitectura.com (filling the form that is in registration section.)

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