kuaipeda competition

Health care center in Klaipeda city

Submission: December 12, 2018
Registration: December 12, 2018
Language: Lithuanian
Location: Klaipeda, Lithuania
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Klaipėda City Municipality Administration together with Lithuanian Union of Architects announces an open project competition “Health care center in Klaipeda city”.

The health center is focused on day-to-day medical services, family medicine. The new building should be modern, high-energy class, high-quality, functional, optimal in quality and price ratio, well distributed in space and integrated in the urban environment, adapted to different age groups, comfortable and safe for employees. Architectural solutions for the building should be adapted for patients of different age groups, patients with special needs. The new health center includes the following main groups of premises: rehabilitation, family medicine, dentistry, specialist doctors, diabetic foot cabinet, preventive health check, radiology, laboratory. The scope of the functional program is 2420 square meters.


The description of the project competition conditions with the annexes (including explanations, clarifications) are published together with the announcement on the CVP IS. Suppliers willing to participate in the procurement and receive procurement documents, clarifications, explanations, information about the date of opening the envelopes with supplier documents, must register in it by accepting the invitation on the CVP IS. Free registration at https://pirkimai.eviesiejipirkimai.lt

Any information, explanations of terms and conditions of the project competition, notices and other communication between the Contracting Authority and the supplier, shall be carried out exclusively by CVP IS means of communication

The participants shall prepare and submit the Project tender and the required documents (including queries, reports, requests, etc.) in Lithuanian.

The supplier intending to take part in the competition, may not have the grounds for exclusion of suppliers indicated in Table 1 of Chapter IV of this Description, must comply with with the qualification requirements set out in Table 2. Submit:
– Documents confirming the absence of the grounds for exclusion;
– Documents verifying the conformity to qualification requirements;
– European Single Procurement Document (EBVPD).
– The supplier must have the right to engage in design and/or architectural activities;
– At least 1 qualified project manager;
– At least 1 qualified manager of the architectural part of the construction project;

Project tenders must be prepared and submitted by ensuring their anonymity. The Project tender consists of:
– Technical part (package 1)
– Information part (package 2)
The participant must place packages 1 and 2 in a joint package with the name of the project competition and the motto of the project.

Technical part (package 1) The Project tender submitted for the project competition includes:
– Panels with graphic material representing the design solutions ;
– Model of the building M1:200;
– Urban model M1:500 – white colour, insertable into context model;
– Explanatory text;
– Digital media (CD or USB flash), that contains all project material for internet and press;
– Additional, significant material for demonstration of author’s ideas.

Package 2 with the project motto on it, and the inscription CIPHER OF THE MOTTO, which contains:
– Completed Project tender form according to Annex 1 of this description;
– Single European Procurement Document;
– If the project is submitted by a group of suppliers/authors or a group of authors, the joint tender must be submitted together with joint venture/co-authorship agreement;
– A power of attorney or other document entitling to sign the Project tender submitted by the participant (applicable when the Project tender is signed not by a manager but by an authorized person) .

– Originality of the architectural idea
– Integration of the Library Building into the single urban texture
– Functional and functional-technological feasibility of the library
– Sustainability

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