ice breakers competition

IceBreakers 2017 Competition

Submission: October 13, 2017
Registration: October 13, 2017
Language: English
Location: Toronto, Canada
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


After a successful inaugural year, Ice Breakers is returning to Toronto’s Waterfront. The Waterfront BIA has again enlisted WinterStations Inc. to bring five temporary, public art installations to various sights between Bathurst St. and Yonge St. for five weeks, commencing February 03, 2018.

Project Sponsors

WinterStations Inc.
WinterStations Inc. is a not-for-profit organization, co-founded, in 2014, by Roland Rom Colthoff (RAW Design Inc. architects), Ted Merrick (Ferris + Associates landscape architects), and Justin Ridgeway (curio, public art consulting). Winter Stations is an award-winning, annual international design competition and exhibition of temporary public art installations affixed to the lifeguard stands along Ashbridges Bay, east to Balmy Beach.

RAW Design Inc. – http://www.rawdesign.ca/

Ferris + Associates Inc. – http://www.ferrisassociatesinc.com/
curio – http://www.curioartco.com/

The Waterfront Business Improvement Area
The Waterfront Business Improvement Area (WBIA), established in 2004, is the voice of the business community. Toronto’s WBIA is a community-driven organization dedicated to promoting and enhancing the economic and cultural vitality of the Waterfront area. The WBIA welcomes 17 million visitors annually with a service area population of 57,121 and growing rapidly. 68% of the area’s residents are under the age of 45. Unlike most Toronto BIAs, the Waterfront is both a full-service residential area and a tourist destination, committed to improving the Waterfront area and new pedestrian-friendly promenade. Through marketing and promotion, special events, streetscape enhancement, strategic planning and advocacy initiatives, the WBIA continues to secure its position as one of Toronto’s premier destinations. The Waterfront BIA has been the proud recipient of the Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas (TABIA) Awards in 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015, as well as the 2015 Downtown Merit Award from the International Downtown Association (IDA) and the Award of Distinction from the 2016 BIA National Conference Awards. For more information, visit www.waterfrontbia.com

Harbourfront Centre
Over the past 40 years, Harbourfront Centre has emerged as one of the largest presenters of international contemporary arts in Canada, and one of the world’s leading multidisciplinary arts institutions. In showcasing contemporary Canadian artists in all creative disciplines, and placing their work within a broad international context, we maintain steadfast commitment to artistic excellence, contemporary arts, emerging Canadian artists, and fostering artistic exchange between disciplines and cultures. We also leverage our unique location through a range of outdoor and waterfront-related activities and offerings. For more information, visit http://www.harbourfrontcentre.com/.

For Ice Breaker’s second year the theme is “Constellation”. This can be interpreted in various ways, but we are hoping to see work that is challenging, while also accessible, reminding the public that public art can be fun and engaging. Artists may choose to converse with the winter constellations of the Northern Hemisphere, playing with astrology, mythology, history and with stellar form and earthly representation.
As always, the intention is to bring colour, warmth and activity to the water’s edge, inviting people out of their buildings to take a winter walk along the waterfront and appreciate the unique Toronto landscape at this time of year.

Public Art Opportunity
WinterStations Inc. is asking Artists to develop temporary public art installations for Ice Breakers 2018. Five locations are available, representing five public art opportunities.
These locations have been selected in collaboration with The Waterfront BIA, Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation and the Harbourfront Centre after identifying sites with high visibility, pedestrian traffic, limited constraints, as well as other attributes, such as photograph opportunities and relative proximity to transit, residents and the other artwork locations.

Location 1 – We Brew Cafe
Ontario Square, located at 235 Queens Quay West, is an outdoor venue and part of the Harbour Front Centre. To the east of the square is Exhibition Common. The specific artwork location is on the flat turf surface in front of the We Brew Cafe near the northern edge of the Common.

Location 2 – Simcoe Wave Deck
Located at 243 Queens Quay West, the Simcoe Wave deck is an urban landscape feature, including a 2.6 metre tall curve. Its western portion provides a relatively flat area for an installation.

Location 3 – HTO Park East
Site Three is located at 339 Queens Quay West, on the former Peter Street Slip, a location central to the Ice Breakers exhibition. Specifically, the site is the triangular sand beach under the umbrellas, within the park, along the shoreline. It lies in close visual proximity to the island airport and is almost on the water’s edge. The public will have access to the area, allowing for both visual and physical interaction with the installation.

Location 4 – Peter Street Basin/Maple Leaf Quay
Maple Leaf Quay is located at 370 Queens Quay West. The artwork site is the northern side of the bridge spanning the basin, and includes set-back promontories on either side of the bridge.

Location 5 – HTO Park West
Site One is located at 339 Queens Quay West, the eastern portion of Maple Leaf Quay, a location central to the Ice Breakers exhibition. Specifically, the site is the triangular sand beach under the umbrellas, within the park, along the shoreline. It lies in close visual proximity to the island airport and is almost on the water’s edge. The public will have access to the area, allowing for both visual and physical interaction with the installation. Note: the umbrellas remain throughout the year.

Photos of the five locations may be found under the “Resources” page.

General Site Notes and Constraints
Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation has not identified any constraints at this time, but will be consulted throughout the design development process.
Snow will not be removed during the winter within this area.

There will be no Electricity, water or plumbing to the sites. Solar Power is not allowed due to possibility of vandalism. Fire cannot be part of the submission.

Concepts may either be singular in nature or dispersed as a series of objects. In all circumstances, artwork should not impeded pedestrian traffic or cause potential injury.

Concept Proposal Submission
The entries must be submitted electronically as three separate PDF files not exceeding 7MB each.

Each entry must contain, in order, the following documents (in English):

Registration/sign up Form (electronic)

Page One – 11 x 17″ (279mm x 432mm) – Project Summary
□ 1 page maximum
□ A maximum of 150 word text describing the project and presenting the experience offered by the visitors
□ Layout of selected images and drawings describing the project.

Page Two – 11 x 17″ (279mm x 432mm) – Images and Drawings
□ 1 page maximum
□ 4 main views or elevations of the installation indicating size and specification of materials. Entrant is free to choose the scale.
□ A perspective showing the design in its entirety.
□ Rough-order-of-magnitude cost for artwork installation;

Page Three – 8.5 x 11″ (216mm x 279mm) – Team Information
□ Four (4) pages maximum
□ Design team member names, with brief CV for each.
□ A 100 word description of the team, highlighting its strength.
□ Name, location and date of recent publications, projects, or exhibitions.
□ Images of selected projects for which team members have been responsible, followed with a brief description.

Each document must include the Name of the project however there must be no information on page one or two of the design proposal that would identify the entrant. Note that Team Information (Page 3) will be withheld from the Jury until after their deliberation.

Apart from page 3, only single-page PDFs will be accepted.

Note that each proposal must clearly identify which of the 5 sites the installation is to be located in.

Competition Launch August 25, 2017
Artist Development + Questions September 2017
End of Question Period September 15, 2017
Proposals Due October 13, 2017
Jury Meets October 19, 2017
Costing and Consultation to begin October 25, 2017
Winners Announced November 8, 2017
Construction + Consultation to begin November 10, 2017
Begin Installation January 25, 2018
Opening February 01, 2018
Ice Breakers 2018 Concludes March 18, 2018

Registration: http://icebreakers.winterstations.com/
Language: English
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Prizes: Compensation
The budget for the installation, including design, supply, installation and removal is: $18,000.00 CAD. The budget is allocated as follows:

• Design Fee – $3,500.00 CAD

• Artist Travel and Expenses – $1,500.00 CAD if applicable.

• Fabrication, Delivery, Installation and Removal – $13,000.00 CAD (includes HST)

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