Submission: December 15, 2015
Registration: December 10, 2015
Language: English, Spanish
Location: Concept
Prizes: 1st Prize: 2500€, 2nd Prize: 1000€, 3rd Prize: 500€
Type: Open


OPENGAP organizes the third edition of this open ideas competition seeking for innovative, cutting-edge, contemporary, proposals regarding a new concept for artistic inspiration spaces. Participants are invited to design a place focused on the rental of spaces that motivate creativity and concentration, allowing users to focus, inspire and develop their artistic ideas.

Each participant or team will define the location of their project, however, the proposal must justify the choice of the location.


To encourage innovative, contemporary and avant-garde architectural approaches that respond to the noticeable need for spaces intended for artistic inspiration and meditation, through projects that promote the psychological and emotional comfort of their users.


This competition of ideas does not specify any particular site or setting. Therefore, each contestant or team will be able to choose the location of their project. The project may be located either as a space of inspiration in a natural context or as an introspective shelter in the city, but isolated from the urban chaos. Nevertheless, participants will have to justify their choice of location for the project in the proposal.

Since one of the aims of this competition is to search for heterogeneous proposals and various possible locations, we hope that this global diversity will enrich the final results.


  • The competition invites to design a “Hotel” where anyone can book/rent for a certain period of time (hours, days, weeks or months) not only a common hotel room, but a studio in which be inspired and creative in any form of art.
  • The design of this site should be focused on creating a space that encourages creativity, calmness and concentration, allowing users to get inspired and develop their ideas.
  •  There are no limits or restrictions with regard to the project’s extent. Taking into account the proposed basic program, each contestant will determine the final scale of his/her project as an answer to its specific characteristics and surroundings.
  •  In regard to the project’s functionality, it will be necessary to correctly define the interaction of the proposed spaces in the Program of Requirements, as well as the use of the new proposed spaces.
  • It is important to set out the logic behind the routes to be used by visitors and facilitate movement of persons within the edifice.
  •  As this is an academic competition, we are not searching for a profound technical and construction detailing. A good architectonic conceptualization and original ideas will receive the greatest consideration. Opengap encourages contestants to experiment and to formally and spatially explore new solutions. Original, creative, contemporary, and risky proposals, from the architectonic point of view, will therefore be welcomed.


The project, through contemporary architectural language, must establish a precedent for a new concept of spaces devoted to inspiration and creativity.

The evaluation of the proposals will focus on their quality, considered according to the specific subject matter of the competition:

  • Innovation and creativity with regard to the global concept of the project.
  •  Spatial and architectural interest of the proposal.
  •  Valorization of the project as an artistic-creative space.
  • Ability of the project to create a unique artistically sensible experience for the visitor.
  • Coherence and functionality of the proposed design.
  • Fulfillment of the program of requirements and additional contributions.


The competition is open to all architects, designers, architecture students and to people around the world interested in the topic. Competitors can subscribe individually or as a team of maximum of 5 people.

The proposal submission will consist of two digital images in .jpg format, not bigger than 5MB each.

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