København New Modern Library Competition

SubmissionNovember 20, 2014
RegistrationNovember 7, 2014
Language: English
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Prizes1st Prize € 1.500     2nd Prize € 1.000    3rd Prize € 500
Type: Open competition for architects and architecture students.

Apart from being the national capital, Copenhagen also serves as the cultural hub of Denmark and wider Scandinavia. Since the late 1990s, it has undergone a transformation from a modest Scandinavian capital into a metropolitan city of international appeal in the same league as Barcelona and Amsterdam.

The City of Copenhagen offers you 20 libraries – a main library and 19 branch libraries – located throughout the city. For the citizens of Copenhagen libraries are a true point of encounter and exchange. The library is a fundamental building the culture of this city.

København – New modern library Competition wants to launch the challenge to determine a new model of library 2.0, which also reflects the traditions and customs of the citizens of Copenhagen.