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Call for Submissions: LA+ TIME

Submission: 01 April 2017
Registration: 01 April 2017
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: N/A
Type: Open


Time is ticking. That’s what it does. Or at least that’s how we represent what we don’t understand. For physics, time is a byproduct of so called space-time, elastic goo created at the very moment that something came from nothing; the moment eternity stopped and the universe began. For geology, time is 4.5 billion years of compression and catastrophe. For biology time is 3.5 billion years of diversification and now the urgency of the sixth extinction. For anthropology time is 150 thousand years since mitochondrial Eve walked out of the rift valley in Ethiopia.

For historians, time begins with Herodotus (484 BC) and ends, or rather doesn’t, with Fukuyama’s The End of History. For architecture time is ruination. For landscape architecture time is ephemerality, entropy, and growth. For all of us time is running out. In this issue of LA+ we invite speculations on the question of time from all relevant disciplines.

LA+ welcomes submissions from academics, professionals, and students in any discipline that can bring critical perspective to the theme chosen for each issue. Submissions can take a variety of forms including:

• Provocations – under 800 words
• Articles/Essays – under 3000 words
• Design Criticism – under 2000 words
• Design Research/Unbuilt Works – under 2000 words
• Interviews and Practice Profiles – under 2000 words
• Book/Exhibition Reviews – under 1200 words
• Visual Essays – text under 600 words
• Original Illustrations, Artworks, Designs, or Photography

Submissions are assessed for publication by the editorial team, internal reviewers, and faculty advisors on the basis of expression, criticality, originality, and relevance to theme. Other matters that can influence the journal’s acceptance of a paper include the type and length of the submission, and whether the topic of the submission is too close to that of a paper already accepted for publication or otherwise solicited for the issue. It should be noted that LA+ solicits a number of invited papers from renown scholars for each issue and, as a result, space for unsolicited submissions can be limited. Please note that because LA+ is an interdisciplinary journal, we do not have a process of double-blind peer review.

Submissions of original artworks should include a short artist’s bio, a statement of materials/media/size, and a descriptive explanation of the work and how the work relates to the theme. Among other things, submitted artworks are assessed for publication on how well they speak to the theme and how well they fit with the curated content of the journal.

LA+ encourages a clear and fluent style of prose that is accessible across disciplines (no jargon, please). Contributions should be original, demonstrate rigor in research and argument, and bring critical perspective to the theme. Please be aware that LA+ has a global, interdisciplinary audience and submissions should take care to ensure that knowledge is not assumed in the reader. We welcome works that are provocative or speculative. Works that are merely descriptive are not typically accepted for publication in the journal.

Potential contributors should email a referenced synopsis (maximum 800 words) of the proposed work and a brief bio to the editorial team by the Abstract Deadline, which is published with the Call for Papers for each issue. Please include an indication as to intended length of submission with your synopsis. You may also include images with your submission. One reason LA+ asks for a synopsis in advance is so that, as a courtesy, we can advise potential contributors if we have in fact already commissioned a paper on a topic similar to their proposal so that they may submit for publication elsewhere without undue delay.

The editorial team may make comments or suggestions in response to submitted synopses to assist potential contributors to develop their work in a way that will give them the best possible chance of acceptance for publication in the issue. Such response should not be taken as a guarantee of publication. All submissions, whether invited or unsolicited, are subject to review and editorial assessment. LA+ does not guarantee publication in advance of such review. 

Manuscripts should be submitted by email in MS Word (.docx) format by the submissions due date. Images or graphic elements should be listed and submitted separately in a compressed format for preview. If your submission is accepted for publication, the editorial team will request high-resolution image files (see ‘Image Specifications’, below). You must have permission to publish submitted images: please see “PERMISSIONS” below. Note that LA+ does not guarantee publication of images supplied with submissions accepted for publication.

All submissions should be accompanied by an author biography of less than 70 words. Manuscripts and accompanying material should be emailed to LA+.

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