light competition

LIGHT Lechmere International Ideas Competition

Submission: January 24, 2020
Registration: December 21, 2019
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


The LIGHT Lechmere International Ideas Competition invites artful and creative responses from the best emerging and established professionals from across the region, the nation, the world.

The Lechmere Viaduct (bridge) presents an extraordinary opportunity for creative, artistic illumination.  Situated between two neighborhoods currently undergoing great revitalization, illumination will celebrate the area’s continuing growth and visible energy as it enhances the public realm of the Charles River.


This is an open, international, single stage ideas competition.  Entries are welcome from anywhere in the world. Artists, lighting design professionals, landscape architects and architects, engineers, students, and others are invited and encouraged to participate.  Interdisciplinary teams are encouraged.

The jury will be conducted as a blind review; winners will be selected anonymously.


The jury will award First Prize ($7,500USD), Second Prize ($5,000USD), and Third Prize ($2,500USD). The jury will also recognize Honorable Mention, at their discretion.

All submissions will be included in an online gallery, with the possibility of a local exhibition.



create dynamic, site-specific illumination to emphasize the unique architectural and engineering features of the bridge.  Please note these features:

  • all eleven arched bays and the steel bridge over the old lock, and the movement of trains on the top deck
  • the six bays and bridge over water, capitalizing on their reflective aspects. Complete the gesture of connection from end to end and shore to shore
  • recognize that at the western end, bay #10 spans Museum Way and the new access road to the new Education First campus

create a unique community asset that complements the developing neighborhood to the west, features the lagoon and North Point Park, and adds both safety and drama to the northern sidewalk along Msgr. McGrath Highway;

be engaging during all seasons, and be respectful of neighboring buildings, their inhabitants, and as promulgated in LEED criteria;

consider affordability and sustainability in both initial investment and day-to-day operating cost, as well as long-term maintenance (life cycle cost);

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