MEXTRÓPOLI 2024 Pavilion

Submission: 1st April 2024 Registration: 1st April 2024 Location: Concept Language: English Prizes: View Website Type: Open

Since 1998, Arquine has held an architectural competition that allows ideas and proposals to be compared on equal terms. In this edition, the invitation is to design,

build and activate a pavilion in the Historic Center of Mexico City within the framework of the MEXTRÓPOLI Architecture and City Festival.

Contestants must project a piece that meets the conditions specified in the bases of this contest in terms of time, costs and characteristics, considering the ability to provoke and attract citizens, which will be a fundamental part of the evaluation of the proposal.

  1. Legal regime of the competition

This is an international and anonymous competition, open to all disciplines and ages and takes place in a single phase. The delivery is digital and is governed by the provisions established in the administrative bases and technical bases.

From the moment the contestants formalize their participation, they undertake to accept all parts of the contest without appeal to its regulatory, technical and procedural provisions established in the administrative bases and in the technical bases.

  1. Organization of the competition

The Competition for the MEXTRÓPOLI Pavilion is organized by Arquine, who will have the responsibility for organizing the technical-administrative information before and after the development of the contest, as well as attending to the queries made by the participants and giving the corresponding answers. Likewise, Arquine will write the minutes of the plenary meeting of the jury and the award minutes, as well as all the actions for the proper development of this contest. Arquine will also be responsible for carrying out the production and construction of the winning project in coordination with this year’s winning team.

Correspondence of all kinds related to this competition will be sent to the email address: concurso@arquine.com

  1. Objectives
  • Convene, with a universal character, to present ideas for the development and construction of a Pavilion, recyclable or reusable, without exception, complying with the requirements established in these bases.
  • Turn the pavilion into a reference space within the framework of the MEXTRÓPOLI Architecture and City Festival, which manages to provide the festival with a space for reflection and discussion around architecture and the city.
  1. Contestants

Professionals or students from all over the world can participate, individually or in teams. Teams can include members from any discipline, although it is suggested that one member be an architect. Each team must have a representative, who cannot be part of another team.

It is not necessary to have some type of registration from the professional association of the country of origin to participate.

Only one proposal can be submitted per team.

They will not be able to participate:

  • Members of the jury of this contest, members of Arquine or MEXTRÓPOLI.
  • People with blood ties to the members of the jury; the spouses or people linked to any relationship of affective cohabitation or demonstrable affinity, nor those with whom direct and stable professional relationships are maintained (employee/employer or partners) during this call.
  1. Information and consultation

Participants may make inquiries in writing to the address concurso@arquine.com, through the email with which they register to the system.

A complete and anonymous list of questions and answers will be sent and will be shared with all participants. The list of questions and answers, along with the complete rules, will be provided to the contest jury. The considerations that derive from these consultations will be mandatory for all parties, since they constitute an integral part of the terms and conditions that govern the contest.

  1. Registration

To make your registration effective, you must pay a single fee:

Registration fee $ 1,500.00 MXN


From December 1st 2023, till April 1st, 2024


The cost of the fee is per team and not per participant.

There is no additional cost to registration, since the entire process of participation and submission of proposals will be through the Internet.

Once the contribution has been made, the contestant must send an email with the image of the payment receipt to concurso@arquine.com. Subsequently, you will receive a registration key with which you can create a user and access the system.

  1. Confirmation of contestants to participate

Once the payment has been made and credited, each participant will receive an email with the username and password within a maximum period of 72 hours. With these data you can enter the Arquine Contest system and follow the indicated instructions.

When accessing the system, contestants must edit and complete the team information. They can also download all the complementary information provided for the development of the proposal.

The email with which the registration is made must be from the person who appears as a representative, who will be the only interlocutor throughout the development of the contest.

  1. Anonymity

All works will be presented under the code generated by the system in the registration process, which must be placed in the upper right corner of the sheet and identify the file only with that code [ARQ-26C-XXXX].

Those proposals that are submitted after the deadline or violate the anonymity requirement will be automatically excluded.

  1. Documentation to present

A digital image containing the proposal must be delivered for the correct understanding of the project. This image should include:

  • Overall plan, plans and sections of the proposal with a duly specified scale that is suitable for reading and understanding.
  • Diagrams, views, sketches, collages or any other representation of free technique that helps to express the idea of ​​the project.
  • Construction details that they consider necessary for the description of the project with a scale duly specified and adequate for reading the project.
  • Descriptive text of a maximum of 250 words. The descriptions or texts may only be in Spanish or English.

The image must be rectangular, horizontal, 90 cm (width) x 60 cm (height) in 72 DPI, JPG and no larger than 5 MB so that it can be uploaded into the system. The file name must match the user code assigned at the time of registration [ARQ-26C-XXXX].

No other formats or other forms of delivery of the material will be accepted. Only projects that are uploaded through the system within the established times will be evaluated.

Once the Arquine team has downloaded the project after the deadline established in the calendar (April 1st 2024), the contestants will receive an email confirming the download of the file within a period not exceeding 72 hours.

  1. Jury

The selection of the members of the jury is very important. Their experience in the subject to be competed must be valued in order to ensure a high level of demand in the review of proposals. The jury reserves the right to choose as the winner a proposal that, without exactly complying with all the bases, manages to propose a solution or idea that is considered superior to the others.

The documents or comments generated in the plenary session of the jury may be published in the various Arquine channels.

The jury members will be announced on January 22nd, 2024*.

*Date subject to possible changes.

  1. Duties of the jury

The jury must freely and autonomously select a single proposal from among all those delivered in a timely manner, which complies with the guidelines established in the competition rules.

The jury and the organizers may exclude the works for the following reasons:

  • Delivery after the deadline or that does not comply with what is established in the bases.
  • Violation of anonymity, either by having revealed the authorship by any means, or by presenting graphic elements identifying the identity of the author of the proposal.
  • Any attempt to communicate or pressure the members of the jury, duly demonstrated.
  1. Judgment Procedure

The jury will meet in a plenary session to evaluate the selected proposals. In said meeting, all the works delivered in a timely manner will be projected. In this way, the face-to-face discussion will proceed to issue the verdict.

Prior to any consideration, the admission or non-admission of proposals will be approved. The jury will evaluate the proposals according to the criteria stipulated in the bases and any criteria that it considers necessary to add. It will also agree on a selection procedure according to the quantity and quality of the proposals. In the event of a tie, a new discussion will take place.

The jury is forced to choose the winning proposals or those with honorable mention and for no reason may they declare the contest prizes void.

The results of the contest will be published on the Arquine website on the day indicated in the calendar contained in these rules. All the minutes and documents derived from the procedure for the ruling are the property of Arquine.

The explanatory graphic documents of the winning and mentioned proposals, as well as the names of all the contestants who have not requested to remain anonymous, may be disseminated through the different Arquine channels.

  1. Prizes
First place


$ 100,000.00 mexican peso – Construction of the proposal for the MEXTRÓPOLI 2024 Pavilion*

– Access to MEXTRÓPOLI for (maximum) two members of the team and delivery of a package of Arquine books (10)

Second place $ 50,000.00 mexican peso – Access to MEXTRÓPOLI for (maximum) two members of the team and delivery of a package of Arquine books (10)
Third place $ 25,000.00 mexican peso – Access to MEXTRÓPOLI for (maximum) two members of the team and delivery of a package of Arquine books (10)
Honorific Mention The jury may agree to mention as many projects as it deems worthy of such a distinction.

The economic prizes are with taxes included.

*The winning team must follow up on the development of the work, provide Arquine with the plans of the executive project for the construction of the MEXTRÓPOLI Pavilion and follow up on its construction through the channels agreed after the moment of failure with the team of Archine.

** Tickets will be granted with prior request from the winners.

  1. Calendario del concurso
2023 1st December Announcement and start of the registration process
2024 26st February End of Question and Answers (FAQ) period
4th March FAQ publication
1st April End of registration process
Proposal upload deadline
8th April Jury’s veredict
22nd April Announcement of results
May Executive development of the project
September Installation and inauguration
  1. Publication

The proposals may be reproduced for dissemination by the organizers of the contest for any other purpose than the promotion of the same.

Contestants may choose not to authorize the exhibition of their proposals if they are not awarded, which must be expressly indicated.

  1. Intellectual property rights

The contestants will retain the intellectual property of the works presented, but will transfer to the organizers of the contest the rights of exhibition, reproduction and publication that correspond to the object of the contest, who are obliged to disseminate the name of their authors in each publication, exhibition or activity in which the proposal is incorporated. Likewise, the authors undertake to refer to the convening bodies of the contest in any subsequent publication in which their proposal appears.

The works presented may not be used for the development of projects by architects, engineers or technicians other than the respective authors.

The works presented may only be developed within the framework of MEXTRÓPOLI 2024.

In case of publishing or disseminating the built project in other media, it should be mentioned that it arises from the Arquine Competition No.26 and that it is carried out within the framework of MEXTRÓPOLI 2024.