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MICRO NATION CHALLENGE – 2 ( VACANZA ) | Free Architecture Competition

Submission: August 20, 2020
Registration: August 10, 2020
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Stuck at home, hostel, PG during this pandemic? Life has gone all boring? Haven’t seen outside world for six months now? Well, Micro Nation is coming up with another challenge where you need to get you mind out of your house and make it wander barefoot on seashore. A challenge through which you can live your dream. A challenge that would make isolation look much more peaceful.


We all dream of waking up to the sound of birds chirping, where the first thing you see in the morning is waves. Where there is no traffic noise, no complaining neighbours and no pollution filled air.

Well, now we are asking you to design for something just like this.

Challenge is to design a holiday cottage for a resort on an island

What is a holiday cottage?

A cottage is a small, single story house used as a vacation rental.

A holiday cottage, is accommodation used for holiday vacations, corporate travel, and temporary housing often for less than 30 days. Such properties are typically small homes, such as cottages, that travelers can rent and enjoy as if it were their own home for the duration of their stay.

The properties may be owned by those using them for a vacation, in which case the term second home applies; or may be rented out to holidaymakers through an agency.

Imagine there is a small island owned by an agency. The island being 250m in diameter. the agency wishes to make ten cottages and one administration on the island. You have to design the cottage.


  1. Plan
  2. Section ( Atleast 1)
  3. Interior Render ( Atleast 1)
  4. Concept
  5. Design Explaination ( Word limit : 150 words)
  6. Single A2 Size Sheet

NOTE: This is an individual competition.


Registration Deadline: 10th August, 2020

Submission Deadline: 20th August, 2020

Result: 25th August, 2020

NOTE: This is a free competition.


  • 1st RUNNER UP
  • 2nd RUNNER UP

All these entries will be posted on our social media and website. Also thoughts of the winner behind his design will be entertained on our website.

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