Moganshan Mountain Top Young Architectural Design Award

Submission: 4th December 2023 Registration: 4th December 2023 Location: Moganshan Core Scenic Area Language: English Prizes: View Website Type: Open

The Moganshan Mountaintop Young Architectural Design Award, formulated by Moganshan Administration (Cultural and Tourism Group) and Young Brid Plan, is themed with 2023 architectural conceptual design for Yinshan Street on the mountaintop Moganshan Core Scenic Area. It is specially set for the 4th WCM (World Campus Masters Selective Graduation Design Program) and also the award for individuals who participate in the Moganshan Core Scenic Area Planning and Yinshan Street Conceptual Design International Competition.

The award aims to encourage young designers and students to join the discussion on urban renewal in scenic spots. They will explore concepts for architecture in blocks with nature and culture in juxtaposition. Through meticulous insight, forward-thinking, diverse imagination, bold innovation, and professional design ability, participants will respond to the competition’s block-related theme, to optimize spatial layout and functionality, enhance the block’s appearance, innovate architectural styles, create landmark buildings, integrate ecology and aesthetics, cultivate immersive experiential scenes, and establish a 24-hour living circle with tourism appeal.

The independent creativity of young designers and the collaborative nature of institutional design teams bring forth diverse creative proposals when faced with the same design theme. The Moganshan Administration (Cultural and Tourism Group) established the award of individuals for the Moganshan Core Scenic Area Planning and Yinshan Street Conceptual Design International Competition, allowing more individuals to participate in shaping the future vision of the scenic area. This empowers greater possibilities and avoids a monotonous homogeneity, reflecting care, respect, and inclusivity towards different target visitors groups. With this competition as a medium, it is a proactive exploration in enriching scenarios through a product-oriented approach.

Participants:1. Excellent designers are encouraged to actively participate in completing item 5 of the design contents of the Moganshan Core Scenic Area Planning and Yinshan Street Conceptual Design International Competition, i.e. Yinshan Street Conceptual Architectural Design. Both individuals and groups are accepted for the participation of  designers, with members not exceeding 6 people. There is no limitation on nationality and the major.2. It is open to all global designers of any major related to architecture, interiors, landscape, planning, etc. Both individuals and teams can participate in the competition, and submit the completed design works. The design work shall express the same or similar design concept with that of buildings in Yinshan Street, Moganshan.

Method:1. Click the competition page of the Moganshan Core Scenic Area Planning and Yinshan Street Conceptual Design International Competition and then register to sign up the competition;2. Submit your completed design work;3. Apply for this award by email. Email Subject: WCM 2023 Apply for Moganshan Mountaintop Young Architectural Design Award; Email Content: Creator’s CV + Registration Code; Email your application to: wcm@youngbird.com.cn

Bonus for Individuals: 230,000 RMB (tax included)

Gold Award (1 winner): 100,000 RMB (tax included)

Silver Award (1 winner): 80,000 RMB (tax included)Bronze Award (1
winner): 50,000 RMB (tax included)


August 30, 2023 Competition Announcement
December 4, 2023 Deadline for Registration and Design Proposals Submission
December 2023 – January 2024 Announcement of Winners

Moganshan Administration (Cultural and Tourism Group), a subordinate unit of Zhejiang Provincial Government Offices Administration, primarily shoulders the responsibilities of providing significant governmental services and overseeing the protection, management, and development of the Moganshan Scenic Spots. With focus on the positioning requirements of “Innovate Moganshan, Inject Vitality into Moganshan, and Share Moganshan with the World,” the administration aims to optimize institutional structure and system, construct intelligent scenic spots, and diversify tourist business formats. By making great efforts to enhance publicity and promotion in the market, entities are strengthened in terms of operation and management. The administration strives to seize emerging opportunities from the integration of culture and tourism nowadays, contributing to the vitality of Zhejiang and adding luster and brilliance to this picturesque and poetic Jiangnan region.

Date: October 30, 2023