NewArch Competitions | Art Temporary Installation Competition in Panama

Submission: August 07, 2023
Registration: August 04, 2023
Language: English
Location: Global
Prizes: Please see the details below
Type: Open


Art Temporary Installation Competition is now OPEN! Can you make a brief but meaningful work? Have you ever imagine designing an amazing structure that represents art? This is you opportunity!
Art Temporary Installation Competition organized by New Arch Competitions. We invite young architects to design a new way of architecture throughout Art and Innovation.

About the Site
Our new competition will take place in one of the most important, iconic, and memorial sites in our country, the old city of “Panama La Vieja” which was the first European settlement on the Pacific coast in America. These days, it is a beautiful place that is embellished with its view of the sea, accompanied by mangroves that slow the flow of water and birds that probe the imposing ruins that tell the story of the city’s past. With this competition, we want to remember and value what it was, what it is, and what it always will be.

About the Challenge
Beyond the permanent, there’s ephemeral architecture: the creation of architecture in a transitory form, which is present for a short time.
In the Art Temporary Installation Competition (ATIC), the challenge is to design a temporary installation dedicated to art within the archaeological site of Panama La Vieja. The competition involves the question of how to create a temporary architecture that coexists and relates to the existing ruins while respecting their identity and historic value.

About the Calendar
Early Bird Registration May 08 – June 05 (hour 23:59 UTC-5)
Regular Registration June 05 – July 03 (hour 23:59 UTC-5)
Final Registration July 03 – August 04 (hour 23:59 UTC-5)
Deadline August 7 (hour 23:59 UTC-5)

About Prizes
$800 – 1st Prize
$600 – 2nd Prize
$200 – 3rd Prize

If you want more info, please click in our website:

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